Khaki Jackets

Is it possible to have too many khaki jackets? I think we know the answer.

I currently have three.

I wear jeans a lot, a khaki jacket is perfect for when it’s too hot for a biker jacket, and a blazer/jacket feels too overdone or grown up; I cannot do double denim (I feel too Shakin’ Stevens/Bonnie Tyler)… so step in the khaki. Perfect. (And I LOVE how a khaki jacket can down play a smarter outfit and give it, forgive me… ‘an edge’… sorry.)

Not so long ago I saw a sea-like tribe of khaki jackets walking towards the school gate, it almost gave me the heebyjeebys… but reasoned if they were black jackets I wouldn’t have questioned it. 

But I don’t want my khaki sloganed or embroidered: I want season less and effortless. I don’t want it to look ‘2017’ next year or beyond…

Just give me utility. Self coloured features. Thanks. 

When I was thinking about this piece, I thought I had already had most bases covered with my reportoire… I have a lighter weight lyocell shorter, bomber-but-not style that’s almost a smart version from Gap from a couple of years ago; good for meetings.

I’ve got this Classic military from Hush, this is from last year, so brilliant they’ve repeated it this year… (how did I miss the now sold out washed black version??). I love this jacket and wear it regularly; though sometimes I’m not sure about the slight stretch in the fabric, the elastane makes it feel heavier… good in March or October though.

Finally my most casual and almost most loved & worn khaki jacket from Topshop, bought at least five years ago; its slightly over sized and takes being layered over a denim jacket in spring/autumn when I’m not ready to commit/or am over wearing a winter coat. 

Resisting (I think, maybe, perhaps…) ordering this years version which is on sale now in Topshop. Justified by cost per wear…?? Might have to order for research sake, so I can have an opinion. This was £59, now £25.

So what other Khaki jackets are out there at the moment?

This French Connection, Perret Utility Jacket, was £95, and is now £50. (The French Connection sale section on their website is well worth a look, I could have got very distracted). I can see this jacket also working well in the winter, with a black roll neck, black trousers and killer boots. (Who am I kidding? They’ll ALL look good.)

A Topshop Lightweight cotton Shacket… £40.00.

Gap – Walden Green (another name for Khaki, who knew?) £59.00, this has a drawstring waist option.

From & Other Stories looks like its in a perkier (or maybe just shinier?) shade of Khaki, love the styling over the dress. So effortless.

This Shacket is also from Warehouse, £45.00 slightly more formal looking in a slightly darker Khaki; its had a lot of press.

And then some that I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I did… having professed to not want something that could date too quickly by being embellished or embroidered.

Topshop, just love, sequinned feathers – £65. To a festival, any festival now.

A cropped Military Jacket from & Other Stories – £65.00.

Not Military as such, but a Khaki Bomber just a little different from others out there. £48 from & Other Stories as well. If I were a padded/lined bomber jacket kind of person this is what I’d go for, I love the overlapping detail.

Finally… love this embroidered jacket from Topshop now in the sale, was £55, now £25. Proving that I can be persuaded otherwise and completely fickle and if the embellishment is right, I’m there.

So do you prefer plain and more timeless, or prefer something more embellished and stand out?

And we haven’t even got on to Parkas or winter coat versions…



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