White shirts… anything but plain

Its July. My sights are moving to a time when I’m more in my element. Autumn/Winter. I’d love to be a I-just-threw-this-on dress type person. But I’m not.

But whilst I’ve scoured, ordered and returned too many sale items, to try and catch some of that elusive (to me) summer nonchalance of a boho top or skirt, with the right amount of, but not too many, tassels, smocking or embroidery details but don’t think I’ve found the one (or three) items I thought I needed. The moment has passed, I’m over it… and I’ve not even made it away on holiday yet.

So turning my attentions to the fact I’ve got meetings/presentations coming up that I need to be ready for, I need a top, shirt or ‘blouse’ that feels right. Not too summery. Not autumnal. A transitional piece if you will.

I love a white shirt. My time came last year when I suddenly realised how trans-formative having a white shirt could be. Smart but not too try-hard.

Not sure what to wear. White shirt. Statement earrings & more eyeliner. Good to go.

So with the basic shirt covered I wanted to see what else could be out there for when more detail was needed. In found, its all about the sleeves, fluted and billowing or with embroidery, guipure and eyelash embellishments.

Topshop £39.00

This is from Vila, £38, love the simple front and back, then dramatic embroidered sleeve detailing.

From La Redoute, £14.70 with fagotting insert detail and fabric interest.

From M&S, £29.50, I love the square neckline; different, again beautiful detailing on the sleeves.

Shorter sleeves here and contrast neckline Autograph from M&S £39.50

Fluted sleeves at Warehouse, £29.00, beautiful simplicity.

Again from Warehouse, £39.00 this one requires moving at all times so the pleats can be fully appreciated. Love.

Keeping with billowing sleeves, this is from Topshop £49.00, slightly more casual with the tassel tie front…

More tassels at Missguided from Asos £25.00

Clean cut pleated sleeves from M&S, £39.50. Super elegant.

And from La Redoute, all over guipure in off white, was £49, now £19.60.

From Gap, £29.00, a flatter guipure, and more streamlined version, 3/4 lined, with eyelash detail hem.

Gap have been all over this Broderie sort of look this season, and done it so well, £34.99. This blouse for me, has all bases covered, the sleeve detailing shaping but I think it’s standout feature is the geo design of the embroidery which makes it all the more modern, and perhaps slightly less full on summery. I probably wouldn’t wear it with white denim cut-offs… as much as I might perhaps like to…


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