Happy Boots

It’s August. It’s cold, its raining and sad making.

Red boots, I find, are cheerful and happy making.

It started with spotting some red Zara boots that I spotted when researching another piece. They were there, shiny, pointy and cute. And no one likes cold, wet feet and though I love a sandal, August hasn’t offered many opportunities for sandal wearing so my attention has definitely gone boot-ward.

Last winter I missed out by faffing too much on getting the ‘right’ leopard print boots… ones that I could actually wear in ‘weather’ not some that could only function as dry-day boots (we all have them, boots that we love, look great, but are effectively useless in keeping feet dry), that I missed the boat completely.

These are ‘the ones’ that started this giddiness. I ordered, at £25.99 I couldn’t not.

They said they delivered. But I didn’t have them. Several phone calls later. Still nothing, until intrepid boyfriend discovered them hidden in the ‘secure porch’ that our neighbours don’t have… 4 days in the rain these babies survived and intact. Top marks for packaging Zara.

7141201020_2_3_1 zara 25.99

Couldn’t even get them on. Dammit Janet. Zara boots always come up small on me – and I’d even ordered my normal size and another sized up because of the point.

The box has dried out and they are winging their way back. Affections moved on.

These are from New Look, £29.99. Wish they there leather so more winter-proof, but I love the cone heel shape so I’m happy to compromise. They also look more all day-able. So practical, cue, eye roll.

red-suedette-cone-heel-ankle-boots new look 29.99

In reverting to the initial joy that was to me to Zara boots, these are similar. Topshop, £69.00 its all in the detail… see the gold tipped heel.

TS32M05MRED_Zoom_M_1 69

Elegant Sock boots from Zara, £59.99

5118201020_2_1_1 zara £59.99 sock boots

Over the knee stilettos from Mango £59.99

This wasn’t supposed to be about knee high/over the knee boots, but when there are some around that are too good, how could I not include…?

Sateen boots from Zara, £79.99. Every autumn/winter party, sorted.

5004201020_2_1_1 zara sateen boots £79.99

Mad heels that defy actually wearing, and certainly not on the tube – but are stunning nonetheless. Zara, patent leather, £149.99. Gorgeous shade of red.

5007201020_2_1_1 zara patent leather £149.99

Red suede from M&S £69.99. Stunning. Just love the proportions.

Similar height but with added bow front, £65.00 from Asos.

asos 65

More of a block heel now from Boden, £130.00, in more of an orangey red.

Leather block heel boots from River Island, £80.00

706256_rollover river island £80

Lower heels from M&S, £35.00

SD_01_T02_4236A_B0_X_EC_1 m&s £35

Cuban style heels from Topshop, £42.00

I love this stud detailing around the sole, Topshop £72.00

Glamorous satin look boots from Mango – perfect for going out, £59.99. Just love.

Split personality boots from Topshop, £79.00

TS32H16MRED_Zoom_M_1 topshop £79

Finally, boots and tassels that demand constant moving, or dancing, £125.00 from And/Or John Lewis.

003254550alt4 john lewis andor £125

Obsession satisfied.


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