Shimmy shimmer

Were we expecting razzle dazzle, metallics and sparkle at this point in time…? Usually its more October time that everything gets ramped up for the silly season, no? Beginning of September, just feels like… well, are we ready?

It’s so well documented and commented upon that why can’t shops actually have what we want to wear now in store, rather than what we might want to wear in a few months time… and whilst it IS great to have a few options (swimwear in January for those off to sunny climes in the depths of winter… *weeps*… and also the odd jumper in June, but.)

OK… so there’s a lot of it about – best we get on and embrace it and see how we might want to incorporate some shimmy shimmer into our wardrobes.

Starting off gently with a metallic blue t-shirt from Next, £15 – this looks more sheer in one of the photos; a vest/cami top may be required underneath. I love the petrol blue shade.

Also from Next, a slightly more opaque fabric, £18.00. Looks great with the white jeans below, but would also work just as well with black coated jeans, or tucked into a midi pleated skirt… (of which I’m becoming obsessed with, more on these another day.)

165241 next £18

This pale gold tee from M&S, £19.50, a really easy addition to add sparkle. Would look great under a navy blazer, or denim jacket.

SD_01_T41_4907U_S0_X_EC_1 M&S £19.50

This is almost metallic, OK its just sort of sneaked in, but when I first saw it I was sure it was real life metallic… & Other Stories, printed top, £35, what is really doing it for me though, is the V-back…

Some gentle ribbing here – metallic detail on the neck, hem & cuffs, M&S, £29.50 – but better still, the sleeve shape is referred to as a ‘prawn sleeve’. Brilliant.

Silver prawns from M&S again, £22.50.

Gold wrap over jumper, Reiss, was £110, now £75.00

12-2 reiss now 75, was 110

I have a silver lurex jumper from Topshop from about 6 years ago; it comes out every November, packed up again at the beginning of January; I love it. But this drapey version from M&S, £27.50 could just pip it to the post this year.

Aside from this ace jumper… its the skirt that I am VERY keen to know more about. The sheen, the sharpness of the pleats… Need.

SD_01_T38_7500_T7_X_EC_0 £27.50

A subtle dress option, subtle as in the shine won’t take your eye out, but still nonetheless metallic, French Connection, £95.00  this looks super easy to wear.

71iph_2 FC £95

OK OK, so though I might love the idea of wearing a blazer dress like this – it ain’t ever gonna happen for me in this life time, and now! Skinny jeans underneath, or sharp cigarette pants – boom.

& Other Stories, £79.00

0543395001_1_400000 &other £79

And now having eased us all in – full on razzle dazzle metallics… this dress below was actually the first piece I saw a few weeks ago that was so full on… available online only from M&S, £79.00. It looks amazing – though I’m not keen on the shoes this has been styled with; I think it needs something strappy – the dress isn’t shy, neither should be the shoes.

SD_01_T42_8013T_S4_X_EC_0 M&S £79

And if you’d prefer a top… £39.50

Similar fabric from H&M, £39.99. Fierce is the only expression that comes to mind. Love.

hmprod £39.99

Stunning dress up/dress down dress, hush £99. Yes please. Thank you. hush £99 husg

Amazing jeans – I don’t think for me, but I LOVE the colour, the styling, the attitude. Topshop, £55.00

TS02F01LCOP_Zoom_M_2 ts £55

From hush, these joggers, £45.00 with the side stripe, fabulous £45 hush

Also, a smarter, more formal version, hush, £65.00 hush £65

Metallic in a pleated maxi skirt M&S, £35.00

SD_01_T59_4340_XX_X_EC_90 M&S £35.00

Midi length silver, Topshop, £34.00

TS27S08LSLV_Zoom_M_1 ts metallic pleated £34

M&S again, £55.00, a maxi length with belt detail.

SD_01_T59_4800T_S4_X_EC_90 M&S £55

Disco boots, New Look, £34.99 (25% off everything this weekend)

wide-fit-silver-glitter-cone-heel-ankle-boots new look £34.99

Full on space man, Topshop, £65.00

TS32M24LSLV_Zoom_M_1 ts £65

Low heel fringed loafer, Office £55.00

9128304574494 office £55.00

Finally, hush trainers, £145. Beautiful. hush £145

There. That’s our inner magpie’s taken care of for a while. Go forth and bling.


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