Stand and Deliver; Military inspired jackets…

Never more than before do I love this time of year and my obsession with all things autumnal and wintery knows no bounds… endless exciting and shiny and new things all calling for my attention.

Which way does a girl turn?

Left, right, left, right it would appear. A fail safe military inspired jacket.

These are not the kind of more casual khaki/military jackets looked at a while ago; these are all together much smarter options – that work as well during the day as the evening; without getting too Adam Ant Prince Charming-esque… unless that is your preferred option.

Starting with probably the quietest Military jacket I found from Next £58, in navy.

191476next £58

191-476s5 next 58Staying cropped and navy, this time with gold braiding, Boden was £190, now £114.00. This will last forever.

17wspr_we590_nav boden, was 190, now 114

17wspr_we590_nav_d03 boden

Embroidered detailing, Red Herring at Debenhams, £55.00

red herring deb 55

With embroidered motifs/brooches and velvet cuffs at Mango £69.99

11073740_99_D1 mango £59.99

Love this fluted back detail.

11073740_99_R mango

Monsoon, £79.00 – the black black of this braiding and velvet combo is just gorgeous.


9270814867486 monsoon £79

Zara, £69.99, I love this whole look (its even made me consider bootleg trousers again.)

2753223401_1_1_1 zara £69.99

A slightly softer take Nine by Savannah Miller at Debenhams, £55.00.

nine sav miller deb £59.00

M&S, black with red piping, £65.00M&S £65


A longer length coat version Mango, £99.99

mango £99.99mango 99.99

& Other Stories, Captain Coat, £159

0538031002_1_400000 & other Captain coat £159

Navy jacket with sumptuous black velvet (I think) & button lapel detailing, Asos, £45.00. I love the black and navy combination, opens up even more outfit possibilities.

asos £45

Full on frogging detail from M&S, £59.00…

M&S £59

A coat now in Khaki with frogging from Zara in a roomier fit, £89.99

I couldn’t help but sneak this blouse in from Monsoon £49.00… beautiful. (Alas the trousers shown below are now nowhere to be seen on the website.)

9256115699742 monsoon £49And in navy…

9269419737118 monsoon £49

Back to coats, this one could very easily have my name on it Asos £70.00

Or more subtle detailing with just a touch at the epaulettes in this wool blend coat from Reserved, £49.99

res 49.99

reserved 49.99

And then finishing with this stunner from Coast £99.00 – which is actually black.

coast £99.00

coast jacket

And breathe. Sigh. Your money or your life – huh!?!


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