It’s all a bit pants… & bras too actually

Designing Lingerie is my day job. I’ve been doing it for about 200 years. I still love it.

In the past I’ve worked with luxury brands, massive retailers, and under the radar (& yet have huge clout) suppliers. I understand the cost, the value and the work involved in ensuring that the design, the fit, the detail and the finish is just so.

Has this made me more picky? Yes. Has it made me more discerning in my underwear choices? Yes. Do I baulk at spending fortune on bras? Yes. Would I rather spend that same money on a pair of boots? HELL YES. (Probably?!)

And yet, and yet… underwear, lingerie – whatever you call it, I believe does have this trans-formative power to make us stand taller, put our shoulders back, and give us an inner confidence. No one else need know what we’re wearing. But we know.

I would love to subscribe to the notion that I would wear matching underwear everyday. the reality is, I’ve got two kids to get to school, packed lunches to match, me to get ready – so matching underwear for me is top and bottom items being black. I’m pretty OK with that. But on days when they do match – as in like a proper set – bought at the same time (!) – it does make me feel better. More of a grown up even.

So lets pretend we have time to get dressed from underwear and out… and that they *match*… and match in how the designer (ahem) imagined.

The following won’t/shouldn’t break the bank… dent slightly, but is gorgeous. Consider it a little autumn update… (come on, you’ve been pouring over images of coats and boots and bags to buy… why not underwear??)

The first autumnal hit is from & Other Stories – uw non padded bra £23.00, high waisted brief £17.00.

QU-17-33-MI-55_5_301101 & Other bra £23m brief £17

And an little embroidered triangle bra & Other Stories again, in white, £27.00; this is cup sized. (This is too gorgeous not to include this time… another blog will be soon to follow on non wired bralettes… for all sizes.)

QU-17-33-MI-52_5_301101 & other

And in black…(£27.00) OK, these bralettes might not be for everyday (oh, in my book, ‘good’ lingerie should be worn always, not just saved for best… whats the point? It doesn’t matter if you consider ‘good underwear’ is from a supermarket or from Selfridges… what makes you feel good is what counts; don’t ‘save’ it).

0523035001_1_100011&other £27

Oysho lingerie is just a bit special… (available here through Asos, though a limited selection at the moment). Dreamy. This set is from their UK website, bra £19.99. Such a bang on colour, flattering for all, but the high apex is perfect for when, oops, a bit of strap gets flashed… and see the velvet under band…

0145822606_2_2_3 oyscho £19.99

And the back wing detail… and brazilian £9.99

More from Oysho high apex uw padded bra £19.99. I love the effortless cool that Oysho has, beautiful prints and lovely quality fabrics (+ nightwear… another day.)

0112851249_1_1_3 oyscho 19.99

Brazilian £12.99

Icone is a french brand, selling through Asos here, gorgeous red, uw half padded bra £15.00, brazilian £9.00.

Some from Elle McPherson Body has this gorgeous Dark Sapphire uw padded balcony £36.00

ell mc fig uw balc £36

And brazilian, £25.00… and spot the contrast back strap detail.

ell mc gig zest biki £25

No lingerie wardrobe is complete (in the UK at least) without items from M&S. I am a firm and loyal fan. The design team do have a knack of knowing what we need, sometimes before we do without being gimmicky – they do good solution.

Autograph by Rosie, this set has been re-coloured numerous times, plain or printed; stunning every time. I have the black set. Love it. Time to replace it though.

High Apex half padded plunge, £27.50. in purpleSD_02_T81_6355B_D0_X_EC_0 rosie £27.50

Brazilian £12.50

Green uw, non padded from Boux Avenue, points here for extra detail, bra £28.00. OK so this model has a gorgeous curvy shape, but high waisted knickers (£17) are flattering (& warm… did I really say that?)

101681_80EM_0_FR boux hw waisted £17

Back of the bra; this has the racer back option… simply unhook the at the back adjuster ring to wear as regular back straps. Thong option £14.00

Staying green but khaki and a more sporty version, Elle McPherson uw bra £36, thong/brief options £20-22 respectively.

elle mc fig bra £39

Next £18.00, Phoebe lace, so pretty.

191-029s next £18

Matching brief £9.00

449677 next £9


Burnt Bridges from Beija London – gorgeous beyond, padded balcony £65.00

beija burnt bridges £65

Co-ordinating short £28, such a flattering cut (a thong is also available)

burnt sshort £28

burnt short back

Oh I really could go on… and on (but as this is a subject so close to my heart, they’ll be plenty more to follow…)

Some final favourites out there… Oysho £17.99

0191840470_1_1_3 oysho £17.99

Matching brief £7.99

0081840470_2_1_3 oysho £8.99

And Beija London Retreat £65.00 (go to their website and see the smart way these girls design…)

Beija London retreat Y bra £65

Briefs £25.00

This is plenty of food for thought right now I think… there will most certainly be more on this subject and soon. What are you loving at the moment?


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