Just jump…

Jumpsuits. I’m a little obsessed. I have four black ones. Two short sleeves, two long sleeves. Oh and then another with spaghetti straps. OK, call it five.

Over the last 18months-2 years I found turning to wear a jumpsuit my fail safe, go-to outfit of choice. And forgive the cheesiness… I do genuinely love the dress up/dress down nature of them. Dinner, school run, interviews, supermarket, presentations. Adjust heel height accordingly.

I’m not big on print… I like the annonimity of plain, and yes, black. I nearly bought a navy one once… was convinced I had… got home and when I unpacked, no, I’d chosen the black one in the end. I’ve worn it endlessly this summer.

My favourites are from Hush… this is Tyler from the new collection, £69.00

1422x2040.fit.JUMP5-BLK-01 hush £69

I love the rolled up hem on this, great for trainers or a slimmer fitting boot (on dress up occasions).

Hush Tyler Jumpsuit £69

This is a smarter option, drapes beautifully, Avery by Hush, £95.00. This will be your fail-safe outfit all winter. Accessorize at will.

Hush Avery Jumpsuit £95

Hush Avery Jumpsuit £95

Staying with smarter – this is a tuxedo number from La Redoute £65.00 (+25% off at the moment)… this would keep forever.

IMG_9273 - Copy

H&M – almost backless – gorgeous, £39.99

Phase 8 at John Lewis £104 – in NAVY… daring. great belt to go with. (This is with a 25% discount included)

Phase 8, John Lewis £104 - 20% discount applied

Still with a grown up/smarter option, Zara with contrast stripe details, £49.99. Fab.

Satin back crepe now with deep pockets, drawstring waist and lovely back neck opening & back pocket detail, Winser at John Lewis £150. Love.

Winser Jumpsuit at John Lewis, £150

Winser Jumpsuit at John Lewis, £150

This is the jumpsuit that popped into my inbox a few days ago… just love this… the possibilities to where this, for me, are endless.

Denim from La Redoute, £42.00. On every level I love this.

La Redoute Denim Jumpsuit £49.99

La Redoute denim jumpsuit £42.00

Khaki from Gap £69.95 (but ALWAYS hold out for a discount code – Gap do them all the time if you sign up for the newsletters)

Gap jumpsuit £69.96 in Black Moss

Colour from Zara, £17.99, this jumpsuit is entry level price and it would be rude not to investigate. The fabric contains 5% elastane so should hold its shape, (which was my initial concern, as the fabric is ribbed)… gorgeous colour.


And finally this short sleeved jumpsuit from Hush… £35.00, I have this in black, I’ve worn and worn it… and at this price… with red ankle boots, and either big chunky cardigan over, or breton long sleeve top under. Winner.

So which one (or two) would you pick? The La Redoute denim number is doing it for me… and either of the Hush black ones… eeeek. Or and the Hush red… and then also…


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