I’ve convinced myself that apparently I need a camisole!! I’m going to China for work in T minus 2 days. It’s 28 degrees where I’m going; currently enjoying ‘Poor Air Quality’.
Crikey – I can’t get there fast enough.
It may be 28 degrees outside. Inside the AC in the meeting rooms will be set to arctic.

I’m only in China for 3 days, a day setting up, a day of the actual meeting, then a day re-capping to the team.
So what to wear in this dilemma when all I’d probably prefer to wear is my hotel dressing gown & courtesy slippers? Sleeves. Have to have sleeves due to the AC.

I found an M&S Chanel inspired cardigan that I’d filed away years ago it must be 5 years old, at least. It probably comes out each winter but I don’t think I’ve actually worn it for a few winter seasons. But now: it feels right. With jeans & good boots & big big earrings.
Wardrobes evolve.

But. I neeeeeed a camisole for under it… I was thinking a white t-shirt/vest would do. Something more delicate/feminine is required. That can be delivered by Monday lunch time. No pressure.

Hush Silk & lace cami £80 – perfect

Hush Silk cami £80

A more purse friendly version from H&M £12.99

H&M satin cami with lace £12.99

H&M with pearl detailing £12.99; I do like how the cami is styled over this t-shirt. Not sure I could get away with it though…

H&M satin cami with lace & pearls £12.99

Silk with a wider eyelash lace & button detail from La Redoute, £45

La Redoute Silk Camisole £45

Or a higher neck version in velvet with lace trim from Monsoon, was £39, now £31.20.

Monsoon Velvet & lace, now £31.20

In gorgeous Midnight blue velvet from M&S £20, check out the back neck detail. (There is a french knicker available to match…)

M&S Velvet & lace camisole £20

M&S Velvet & lace camisole £20

Simpler styling from La Redoute, £25 – velvet & lace again.

La Redoute Camisole with lace £25

Now, if lace trims are all a bit much, how about some more subtle mesh detailing, French Connection crepe cami, £22

French Connection Crepe Cami £22

From Zara, £19.99 Simplicity itself.

Zara £19.99

V-neck again but super plain Next £15

Next woven cami £15

From H&M, drape neck £8.99

H&M draped top £8.99

Too simple? Do you *need* something with more sparkle? Then how about… this sequin cami from Next, £16.

Next Sequin cami £16Or this Midnight blue from Monsoon £39.99. Gorgeous.Monsoon Octavia sequin top £39.99

Finally this sequin number from Mango – love this… and the second photo layering styling idea… maybe slightly more do-able? Mango £29.99

Mango Sequin cami £29.99

Mango Sequin cami £29.99

So… I leave home about 4pm tomorrow. Cami-less. I ran out of time to order. Did a mad Oxford Street dash yesterday with the daughter who frankly wasn’t that concerned about my clothing dilemmas – far more interesting in the buying of things for her impending Year 6 school trip.

So I’ll be mixing and matching and over packing weeping at the loss of Zara from Terminal 3 which used to provide last minute pick me ups… sad times.


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