Ten things you didn’t know you needed… until now

I got it covered. My ‘sport’ of choice is to fill virtual shopping bags. Sometimes. Often. I even see it through – and buy things. I hasten to add, whilst I am good at buying, I am equally good at returning and being rational. *Cough*.

Then Christmas looms and sometimes it can all go to pot. I am a firm believer in self giving (er, hello), to say well done, you got through another year, month, day, whatever. Like I said (she says splutteringly justifying all the way) – I do send things back!

So here are some things I’ve found along the way that are beautiful, useful (ahem) or that I think are special in some way.

1 – Boots. Useful – tick. Stylish – tick. Practical – tick – I am ALL for the practical. And gold – which equals festive no? (I could also happily wear these next spring/summer I think with boyfriend jeans etc.) And/Or at John Lewis £119.

John Lewis AndOr Gold Boots £119

2 – A clutch bag that feels right instantly updates any outfit (as we’ve all been told)… I love that this one is black… and oh the lightning bolt… and sparkles, oh be still my inner magpie. Hush £40.

Hush Lightning Glitter Clutch £40

3 – From Zara £17.99 – a scarf with cuffs, available in three different colours (yellow, grey and bright pink)… this could just solve the scarf blown the face issues… or just create a tangled mess of frustration… I like it all the same.

Zara multi position scarf £17.99

4 – More shine from Topshop – metallic leather gloves £22. These would look amazing with grey or navy coats.

Topshop metallic leather £22

5 – For parties… no, you perhaps didn’t realise a sequin capelette was what you were after – but isn’t it gorgeous from Mango £59.99? (OK the shot below looks quite summery but I think this would work just as well right now).Mango sequin cape £59.99

6 – So if all of this bling is too much… how about taking it down a notch, to socks. With just an occasional flash of a sparkly sock, these rainbow are £6 from Oliver Bonas.

Oliver-Bonas_accessories_all-over-rainbow-shimmer-socks £6

7 – I love this across body bag, also from Oliver Bonas £39.50 – the flash of yellow with the grey/khaki (I think) is the perfect amount for those of us, who make on occasion maybe slightly colour shy or feel that sparkles aren’t needed Every. Single. Day.

Oliver-Bonas_accessories_elana-three-tone-pocket-cross-body-bag_3_1 £39.50

8 – Embrace your inner spinning Kylie with a black draped hooded top. Hours of fun, £24.99 from H&M.

H&M draped hooded top £24.99

H&M drapped hooded top £24.99

9 – From Topshop – this joyful cherry print shirt, £32. By law you’d have to smile all the time wearing this.

Topshop cherry print shirt £32

Topshop cherry print shirt £32

10 – As the final Huzah – (no, I’ve no idea what that means either, but this is a statement coat that needs a Huzah-ish type entrance!) La Redoute, £95 – before the 40% Black Friday discount. Love love love.

La Redoute £95 before discount

There, a random selection of marvellous items that you didn’t realise you necessarily needed – until now.


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