Party, not party?

There is glitter, sequins, tassels and general spangle everywhere… but what if you realise that the mantle piece hasn’t been and isn’t bursting to the max with invites. Not so much, no jacket required, but no dress required. Oh. Sad times.

I/we have Christmas gatherings to go to; which I am so excited about – as well as family birthdays, but none of them really require full on festive spangle that perhaps, pre-children I might have been invited to. The joys/pit falls of working from home when there aren’t so many work do’s as such.

Still, naturally doesn’t mean that I haven’t been very ‘sporting’ and ordered things, just to try, strut about in at home ‘to try’, package up and return. A couple of ‘essentials’ have naturally, needed to be kept, those that have some longevity.

So in the sense of trying to be frugal, sensible (cough) and without AT ALL wanting to sound bar hum-buggish… what is out there that’s good to buy for now – where enough wear can be had now (to justify, should justification be required) and even next festive time… or in to the new year.

I love this jumper. It is full on Spangle. Love it. Want it. H&M did a similar number last year, I bought it but it was too tight in the boobage department (I think I may have had to buy a smaller size, just to see if I could get away with it… but no.)

Warehouse, thank you. Love love love love it. £46.00. Christmas on a stick, as it were.

Warehouse Sequin Jumper £46

Christmas jumper are quite reasonably the most brilliant plan – ie warmth. In trying very hard to not look at everything black… here’s some goldy black. M&S £29.50, not loving the blue jeans with this, I know it’s obvious to say but, a black jean maybe… or a smarter trouser – with tuxedo strip down the sides?

M&S Ruffle Yoke sweater £29.50

Staying with metallic, love this polka dot sweater Mango £35.99… and with the check trousers.

Mango Polka Dot sweater £35.99

Now this skirt is gorgeous, I’ve ummed and ahhed over this for weeks/months in not being sure if pleats over hips would suit me or not. I’ve worn it three times in 10 days. Zara Accordian Pleat skirt £49.99. I will be needing more in my life.

Zara Accordian Pleat Skirt £49.99

Tassle earrings as anyone following anyone on Instagram will know are ‘a thing’… I’ve been strictly jury out on this… some I feel looked a bit cheap, a bit try hard (especially when worn with everything else du jour – sorry)… but for dabbling a toe, nodding a hat and all that, these from H&M are doing a good job, also in an all black outfit, a fabulous burst of colour. H&M £9.99…. and in the world of evolving fashion looks… perfect into summer too.

H&M tassle earrings £9.99

Or how about these from Zara £9.99. So perfectly styled with a black polo neck.


There have been so many stunning Bowie-esque inspired lightning bolt designs… this t-shirt from Hush £35.00 has been on my want list for ages

Hush Lightening Bolt Tee £35 This jumper from Mango £35.99 has legs too… as it were… in terms of lasting. Love.

Mango Thunder embroidery sweater £35.99

And finally, more of an investment piece… of OH SO WORTH IT. From Orwell & Austin £195. Again this is an Instagram favourite but so be it… Instagram inspires. This jumper, black jeans… funky boots… party, not party, sorted. Cheers xxOrwell Austen £195



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