Boxing Day sales – quick edit

Merry Christmas/New Year/Sale shopping – does anyone have a clue what day it actually is? Having seen the reports on the news that people wanting to take advantage of the sales is falling due to Black Friday/Cyber Manic Mondays etc its a wonder to think that anyone is making any money if everything is constantly on mark down.

Despite the Just-Before-Christmas sales perfect for panic & over buying (hands up who’s guilty? Yep, me too, on both counts) there are still some great bargains to be had right now where prices have been slashed from Boxing Day.

For me this is the post Christmas sales perfect time to stock up on essentials – the basic foundations of wardrobes… (& self-gift anything I might have wanted/needed but didn’t get. Harsh). Try as I might to break out of my ‘does it come in black’ rut (harsh again), this is what I’m drawn to. It can be argued that with crazy slashed prices its the perfect time to invest and dabble in colour. Yeah. Right then…

Having got caught in the snow a couple of weeks ago and had to resort to wearing wellies (usually a strictly a camping item) due to their grippy soles, I’m on the look out for something more stylish/substantial

M&S waterproof lace up boots, £59.00, were £99

M&S waterproof boot £59

Or in white, still £59.00

M&S waterproof lace up boots £59

Or how about these leather knee high boots with cone heel M&S £59 were £99 I’m sorely tempted by these for an update on some I have that are similar and served me some 10 years plus…

M&S knee high leather boots now £59

These faux leather bag is a perfect trans-seasonal go to bag, was £80, now £35.50 from French Connection; , this Clean Minimalism Dumpling Bag measures 36cm x 43cm – sizeable.

French Connection faux leather £35

I have a much loved and used black cross body bag from Gap which is somewhat tired now, this is also from French Connection, was £60, now £42. Still love this khaki colour.

French Connection faux leather cross body £40

A few coats I’m loving from the French Connection sale, still available in most sizes. This coat in Copper Coin, was £185, now £111. Love the contrast colour revealed when the collar is turned up.

French Connection Platform Smart coat was £185, now £111.

This dramatic ombre fuzzy feel coat is a stunner, was £225, now £110.

French Connection Ombre coat, was £225, now £110

A simpler more classic Editors coat from Topshop, was £95, now £60

Topshop Editors Coat was £95, now £60

Bonded Borg coat, also Topshop, was £60, now £35

Topshop Bonded Borg Chuck on Coat, was £65, now £35

My kids were thoughtful enough to give me these boots for Christmas, alas not at this price, but hey, I love them & have worn them three times already… Topshop Kowboy Studded boots, were £45, now £20. Winner.

Topshop studded boots were £45, now £20

Ah – sooooo many beautiful things out there… this is a small edit of classic, or updated classics that will rejuvenate wardrobes before we start peeking in to the joy/panic that will be what to wear in Spring!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and all best wishes for 2018; its going to be a good one xx

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