Pick Me Up Buttercup…

January is tough enough isn’t it, without the drizzly mizzerly weather hampering any glimmer of spring happening. Being British and naturally obsessed with the weather; some kind of weather action surely would be better than this meh blurrgggghh ness. Proper rain, proper snow… or ideally, proper sunshine.

Best thing to do then, I think, is to cosy up in something fabulous to ride out this winter thing until until the sun does come out.

Big Jumpers I’m thinking could be the way forward. Seeing as I’m struggling to relinquish all things Christmas food-like until they’re gone… (hello mince pies in the cupboard – still), a big jumper can serve duel purpose – giving warmth, and hiding the mince-pie top.

So, time to go big or go home – this oversized jumper from & Other Stories £89

& Other Stories Oversized Cable Knit £89

Perfect to wear underneath such a big jumper is this Henley body from Topshop £19

Topshop Long sleeve Popper body £19

Not quite as oversized as the top jumper but a dreamily cosy looking from Mango £15.99

Mango Turtleneck sweater £15.99

Staying with grey… these boots look infinitely wearable, now (on dry days) and into spring/summer – just lighten the denim colour, Topshop Kick Ankle boots £49

Topshop Kick ankle boots £49

Or in red

Topshop Kick ankle boots £49

This top also from Topshop, £19 could be a happy-making choice; damned useful too.

Topshop embroidered top £19

Another fab slogan, a jumper this time, Hush, £60, was £85

Hush Love embroidered jumper £60, was £85

The perfect leather clutch/shoulder bag from Topshop as well, £42

This check print shirt has longevity about it… now with a skinny polo neck underneath it… or a few daring buttons open come spring, Mango £29.99

Mango Check Pattern blouse £29.99

Now it’s January, I’m sort of over the sequins and spankles, however I do like the look of this jumper from Reserved, £19.99… looks more marl than shiny, but close up… spangletastic.

Reserved Metallic sweater £19.99

Patent boots, can’t ever resist a lightning bolt, & Other Stories, £125

& Other Stories Patent Leather Boots £125

This jumper from Hush would bring me similar joy, especially as its in the sale £60, was £85. The blue pop is a nice introduction to spring.

Hush Liberty Jumper £55, was £89

Leaping further forward, I love this shade of green, this oversized straight jumper is from & Other Stories, £69.

& Other Stories Oversized Straight Sweater £69

And if all of that colour bursting (of the last image!) was too much… how about these elegant earring from & Other Stories, £27,  to just introduce a hint of…

& Other Stories Circle Stone earrings £27

That’s lifted my mood already… hurrah. January, we can do you.


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