Valentines Lingerie; something has changed… and I think it’s good

Is it just me? Do I not get out enough? Maybe I’m a little early.

Maybe I’m not looking in the right places (though considered how much I do ‘browse’…?)

But maybe, just maybe, something has shifted. To me it feels that the big Valentine’s Lingerie Marketing Push that was so full on previously is a little calmer this year.

The news being so full of harassment, of women having been ‘expected’ to behave in a certain way, ‘expected’ to wear certain things to seduce your man/partner feels a little out dated.

Sod that; what do we want to wear for us! And, yeah, maybe for our Valentines, if we choose.

There is a shift within the lingerie industry – I work a year ahead; I’ve seen the future, and its comfortable. Comfortable doesn’t have to mean its not sexy though. (Brace yourself, big pants are on the way… and they’re going to be made from recycled plastics…)

As we’re told again and again; its all about attitude and confidence… and as we get older, and have work/life demands, maybe have kids the strappy bondagey look that we’ve got used to seeing so much of that’s ‘supposed’ to be sexy, doesn’t look that comfortable or sexy or new now.

So, this is what I think looks fabulous for Valentines/Not-Valentines, for him, for her, for you.

Easing in with this gorgeous crotchet lace bodysuit with padded cups from Oysho £27.50. Perfect layering, perfect whenever.

Oysho Crotchet lace bodysuit £25.99

Or this non wired triangle bra from Heidi Klum £32.

Heidi Klum Soft triangle bra £32

This is beyond gorgeous… another non-wired, so perhaps, sorry, not as useful for those blessed with more, Oysho £19.99. These are straps you’d want to show.

Oysho padded non wire £19.99

This sheer lace long sleeve t-shirt is so beautiful as a layering piece… with a cami or long line bra underneath. Oysho £25.99.

Oysho Sheer lace t-shirt £25.99

Yes, there does appear to be a bit of a black theme doesn’t there. OK… lets have some colour. The description says red… I’d say raspberry. & Other Stories £49.

& Other Stories Body £49

Whilst we’re at it with colour… Now let’s calm it down styling wise, but staying red(ish), & Other Stories, seamed body suit £45.



& Other Stories body £45

Now this is ridiculously pretty, Agent Provocateur uw bra £75, knicker £45

Agent Provocateur Poppie uw bra £75

From Mimi Holliday… have I gone back on everything I said earlier? This is so gorgeously pretty. Uw full cover bra £65, sexy knicker £39, with bow back.

Mimi Holliday Beau Daquiri uw bra £65, sexy brief £39

A final burst of colour from new-ish brand Dora Larsen… the colours, oh the colours. UW bra £54, low rise brief £32.

Dora Larsen Amelia_high_apex uw £54

Dora Larsen Amelia_low_rise_knicker £32

Finally, another to make you smile set, simple and cool… with the big comfy knickers we’re going to come to expect and love… from & Other Stories triangle bra £23, high waisted knickers £13.

& Other Stories non wired triangle bra £23, HW brief £13

Lots of love


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