Sleep; the final frontier

Have you got it? Do you get it? If so how often… to quote the masters (?) of pop the Pet Shop Boys… hummm. Moving on.

Sleep. The only resolution for 2018 I am so determined to keep. The usual ones will happen as and when… but sleep. Too long I’ve neglected to consider and revere the importance of a a good nights sleep, I know full well the effect on both me and my team when I don’t get enough. Vicious. I sure as hell know when my kids don’t get enough… they are not loving my efforts to try and get them into bed even 10 minutes earlier than where bed times had slipped to…

I was on a longish train journey last week and as part of the ‘on-board’ entertainment that I watched was one, of a series of interviews called 30 Days of Genius… Chase Jarvis interviewing the magnificence that is Arianna Huffington… author of The Sleep Revolution. I’m sold.

So… in order to get this fabulous sleep and an incentive to get to bed at a reasonable time (leaving actual people out of this equation)… we need good nightwear… and perhaps even items that can multi-task… Lounge wear. Loungerie sometimes too.

This is a high roller, but what an image and set to start with, Asceno sandwash silk PJ top £165, in blush with bold stripe, and PJ pant £165. Asceno do the most delicious of colour combinations and prints, totally totally gorgeous.

Asceno Blush bold stripe PJ top £165
Asceno Blush bold stripe PJ top £165

These aren’t silk, but still rather fabulous, a timeless and delicate print from Next, £36 for the set.

Next monochrome jersey PJ set £36

Staying black and white… I’m not a short wearer, but if I was, this is what I’d go for. Asos  £20 for the set. 

Asos B&W stripe long sleeve top & short set £20

There is much talk in ‘the business’ about how categories of lingerie, nightwear and sportswear are all merging, all borrowing from each other – but also in how we are now dressing – think how much sports wear has influenced our dressing (even if its sports bras no one sees).

I’ve discussed it before, and no doubt will again the fine art of PJ dressing, in thinking how Kimono’s and more traditional PJ style top, such as the Asceno one at the top, would be worn as outerwear to create a new look. One of my favourite Christmas party outfits just gone was an ancient silk pj top with a wide-ish collar worn with over sized earring (naturally) and black jeans.

Gap styled one of their PJ sets, as both a PJ set.. but also showed the top worn with jeans. In my lack-of-storage and at times, budget – this makes complete sense! Multi-tasking at its finest, and in the sale. Gap, Dreamwell Satin top £16.99

Gap Dreamwell satin £16.99

Same top styled with jeans… genius.

Gap Dreamwell satin £16.99

In reality – do we wear matching pj’s? Do we buy them as sets, other than at Christmas? I’m more of a buy the bottoms and then mix them with which ever long sleeve (generally) top has moved, ahem, perhaps passed it’s best to be worn out out, and is more house bound. Down graded. The shame.

M&S floral print joggers £12.50


M&S printed & cuffed pj bottoms £12.50

And in plain black £10

M&S black pj trousers £10

Another ‘is it only me thing?’… I never feel as comfortable being wild and free as it were… a cami with a secret support, not distracting to anyone when answering the door to the delivery guy, I think is the answer.

M&S strappy vest with secret support £9.50


M&S Secret Support lace trim vest £9.50

And this M&S £12.50 one with removable padded cups… another multi-tasking item.

M&S Secret Support strappy bra vest £12.50

This John Lewis set, £39 is easy and pretty. I love the shape of the top, but definitely with a cami underneath.

John Lewis £39

Whilst I love the thought of freshly ironed items… reality again, can kick in. I’ll go for clean. But where time and storage were no issue… how about these… Gap top £27.95

Gap Dreamwell satin £27.95

And bottoms £27.95

Gap Dreamwell satin sleep pant £27.95

These look dreamy… all day Sunday wear. Asos £24 for the set

Asos Lounge Sweat & Jogger set £24

Topshop have this gorgeous set… love this print, cami £14

Topshop Sketchy Floral Cami Top £14

And matching bottoms, £19

Topshop Sketchy Floral Trousers £19

For some final sweet dreams… Asceno again… In. Love. PJ top in sandwashed silk, £165

Asceno twin stripe sandwashed silk PJ top £165

Good night, sleep well xx

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