Turn back time…

My main reason of calling this blog what it is, is because for the vast majority of us, we don’t buy a new wardrobe each season… we buy things because we need them, or *neeeeed* them, they can be quite different things. Or we sometimes we just want.

Wardrobes evolve, what we need our clothes for evolves, not just because of the weather, but because we have a new job, a family, or have lost/gained weight – a myriad of reasons. And then we edit them… we move on items that no longer suit us, fit, we like, or they’ve worn out.

I know I’m guilty of holding on to some things too long, ‘just in case’, I’m far more ruthless with my kids… they grow out of things soooo quickly/knees go etc etc, so we always have a charity bag on the go, or a fabric recycling bag. (If you don’t use/know… I always take a bag of old worn out clothes to H&M, they then give you a voucher for £5 off when you spend £25 – they sort through any items that can be re-sold, or if not the fabric are recycled and end up as insulation or something good – check out their website here to find out more.)

I wrote a blog the other day and mentioned a pair of striped trousers that were from Miss Selfridge, that reminded me of a pair I’d had from Dorothy Perkins in my early 20’s. Channelling my inner (deep inner) Carrie Bradshaw, ‘this got me to thinking’… those shops I used to go to, but now don’t always think to look at – what are they up to now… is anything still relevant to me now I’m in my forties?

Chelsea Girl… oh how I loved thee… you became River Island. I don’t love the store experience so much at times, but online I found these pieces that I would take care of and wear… I’d wear this pretty much like this, with jeans and a t-shirt… Silver Metallic Sequin coat £68

River Island Silver Boucle coat £68

This kimono has mileage too – layered up with a skinny rib polo neck now, to tee or vest top in the summer… I love this green shade, £46

River Island Green Floral kimono £46

More green in the form of this chunky knit jumper £42.00  I would get so much wear from this. Though 90% of time I still wear black, there comes a time when even I need some colour.

Green chunky knit roll neck jumper £42

Being completely honest, I did struggle to pick items I knew I would wear… however, RI’s shoes were great, these are no exception.. peep toe mules £42, what’s not showing up as clearly in this photo is that the toe and heel are a snakeskin finish… nice. A walk-able height too.

River Island Peep toe mules £42

C&A’s Clockhouse was a favourite – I remember the grey bat wing jumper I wore and wore. Sadly C&A left the UK in about 2010 – though they are still huge in Europe. I was working with the lingerie team until about a year ago, dashing to Dusseldorf for day trips on a regular basis; a great and talented group of people to work with.

C&A do have a website that we could order from here, but it’s not the most straightforward… I felt old looking at Clock house and with respect,it’s really not targeted at me… this camo rain coat 39euro, however did catch my eye… but getting it to the UK, and possibly returned… no.

Clockhouse C&A 39euro

Asos do this one though for £25

Asos Rainwear jacket £25

My mum used to stand outside Topshop and wait for me when we went shopping together in Peterborough’s Queensgate Shopping Centre – she always found it too hot, noisy and cramped – but it served me well growing up, and still now. All credit to it and the buyers; it has succeeded in being cross-generational. As soon as my 10 year old daughter can fit the clothes in there… god help me.

Today, this is what I’d buy in Topshop… perfect spring jacket in jersey £39

Topshop Jersey Boyfriend Jacket £39

This is blouse is gorgeous… on every level, £34.

Topshop Gypsy Blouse £34

Khaki calling again… high waisted utility trousers £45.

Topshop High Waisted Utility Trousers £45

And a final hurrah from Topshop… this star embroidered shirt, £26 I love the puff on the sleeves and then deep cuff.

Topshop Star Embroidered Shirt £26

New Look wasn’t a shop I visited that much… more so when I went to Art College and shopped at the Glades Shopping Centre in Bromley (ahh). I sometimes see things in New Look now, but the fit I sometimes find tricky, or the fabrics, there is the occasional gem… my daughter LOVES it though.

Another cracker of a wear now, layered up… and later with vest/tee… cross-stitch kimono cardigan £39.99

New Look Black floral Cross Stitch kimono cardigan £39.99

I love the sunshine yellow of this long line cardigan £27.99 this is a happy making item – it spells hope, that spring might possibly arrive. At some point. Soon. Please.

New Look balloon sleeve longline cardigan £27.99

Where did you used to shop when you were growing up? Do you still go there now? Is it still relevant or do you leave it to the ‘kids’?!


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