Belts, bags and other things…


On this day of loooove overload… I wanted to switch it slightly to the importance of of Self Love… (yeah, I know, but) to find/allow/give yourself TIME I guess might be considered one of the greatest forms of self love?

To allow yourself the time to have the time to do… oh a thousand things… have a bath, go to the supermarket ALONE (a big thing, when the smalls are very small)… to have time to read more than half a page of a book before falling asleep, to have time to think about the novel you always wanted to write, or even that blog.

Or even have time to go through your wardrobe and figure out who you might want to be in the next day/week/month… let alone figuring out what to wear with this very weathery weather we’ve been having.

When time is short and we need a ‘new-ness’ fix sometimes ‘just’ an accessory can be the think to pull an outfit together to make it feel more current, especially if it feels like we’ve been wearing jumpers for an eternity, and don’t see it changing any time soon.

So perhaps a belt could work, to cinch in the oversized jumper now, and a white shirt later – this reversible leather belt from & Other Stories, £35

& Other Stories leather belt £35

This orange key ring, would not only sit beautifully on your bag, compliment the above belt… and make you smile, and cause much envy from young girls to women alike… & Other Stories £23

& Other Stories, Pearl Bead flamingo keyring £23

Another flash of colour could be got with this large scarf from Zara, £15.99 – love this zing.

Zara polka dot scarf £17.99

I’d want to wear this scarf with a striped top (quel surprise), this is from H&M, £12.99. (No, it wasn’t the plan to put clothes in this blog… couldn’t help it.)

H&M boat neck pima cotton £12.99

I’ve worn and worn an leopard print belt that I got from M&S all winter, John Lewis have this version in now for £20. (The leopard works brilliantly with the stripes above… #justsayin.)

John Lewis belt £20

M&S have this updated snakeskin version in now, £6.

M&S faux snake skin belt £6

Or this navy colourway, still £6. Rude not to.

M&S faux snake skin belt in navy £6

This pretty scarf from Gap £14.95 would be great looped around necks, or tied to a bag.

Gap Oblong ditzy floral scarf £14.95

Tan coloured accessories always feel more spring/summer like to me… I love this stud and stone belt from Gap, £22.95

Gap skinny belt with stones & studs £22.95

This Khaki tote bag, Kin at John Lewis £49, is a winner, I am definitely going to check this out in the flesh… its about the size I need to humph the amount of stuff I normally carry about.

Kin large tote in khaki £49

This Zara belt, £15.99 is a great option too, adding a bit of rock & roll.

Zara studded belt £15.99

This bag would work well with the belt above, when you don’t need lots of shouty accessories together… Kin, £55. Size is everything.

Kin Origami bag John Lewis £55

I’m not ready to embrace spring in the current climate, but would happily take on any of the above items to incorporate into my outfits… Let’s feel the love…






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