I don’t ‘do’ raincoats… but if I did…

Not since I had a red cagoule that packed into its own pocket; required for a junior school trip have I embraced the the raincoat/cagoule type item.

Mr Evolve-Edit and I packed up our home and jobs some 13 years ago to go travelling around the world for a year. We invested in Berghaus waterproof jackets, because that’s what you did if you went travelling.
Mr E-E wore his with the swagger of a Gallagher I thought. I just hated and resented it: even when it yes, ok, perhaps, I suppose mainly kept me dry.

We both still have the damned things. They come with us camping each year. At times, yes I’m grateful for it. But really.

It may be February and the weather still so hit and miss, apparently snow and ice AGAIN next week… but, but, but any minute Coachella & the festival season will be calling and a thousand smocks, cut off denim shorts flowers-for-your-hair will fill every shop, before most of us have even contemplated leaving the house use without our thermals.

So, raincoats; essential festival wear, but also sort of reality wear. Give me strength.

The Trench can wait for another day; what I’m wanting to contemplate is something suitable for the school run when it’s biblical outside, for ‘popping’ somewhere where a small element of style might be required but it’s still POURING (for my own piece of mind if nothing else). Or just something that I won’t then resent and feel like cr*p in.

Boom! This may well stop traffic… it ticks boxes of making me smile, and I think I could feel good in this… even if it is raining. Zara £69.99. Great fishtail back hem.

Zara faux patent rain coat £69.99

As colour popping bright, but more of an electric blue, M&S £99. This has some great features – fleece lining, zipped pockets, velcro cuffs etc.

M&S Stormwear funnel neck coat £99

Topshop have this white one in… I like the stripe detail on the sleeve, £49. (…and with a breton stripe top underneath – hello sailor).

Topshop rain coat £49

Or in a more sober (wearable?) bottle green Still from Topshop. Topshop raincoat £49

Hummmmm. Uniqlo has this fitted raincoat in pale grey…£69.90

Uniqlo blocktech hooded raincoat £69.90

Or in navy?

Uniqlo blocktech hooded raincoat £69.90

So these above are sensible and would absolutely do the job… but are not very… joyful…(for singing in the rain… *grimaces*)..

So how about this?! From & Other Stories – the only thing is… I’m not entirely sure its waterproof – which was the brief… but its so preeetttty – I had to include it.

& Other Stories £89

And there’s a bag it squishes into…

& Other Stories £89

Back to the brief… Rains, a Danish brand are, in certain circles, the raincoat of choice… £75… it does ooze cool. For a rain coat.

Rains Waterproof jacket £75

Rains Waterproof jacket £75

Slightly saucy from Zara, £69.99 Perfect She-Gallagher gear no?

Zara water repellant rain coat £69.99

Too much black? Then how about this dark green Flowing Raincoat from Zara £69.99.

Zara flowing raincoat £69.99

Zara flowing raincoat £69.99

Yes, this camo version was mentioned a few weeks ago… with fold up bag – Asos £25, but seemed wrong to not revisit it.

Asos camo rain coat £25

Asos camo rain coat £25

Or… the other extreme… this one reminds me from being about 10-11 years old… I has a clear plastic one… the only ‘slight’ issue I have it that steaming up can happen… Just saying. Reserved £44.99.

Reserved £44.99

I love this pink one from Noisy May at Asos, £38. Not sure I could carry off this colour or this level of cool.

Asos Noisy May raincoat £38

Finally, from Gap… Hula Red…. I was got at the colour name; high gloss rain coat, £69.95

Gap High gloss hooded rain coat £69.95

Gap High gloss hooded rain coat £69.95

Just need some matching red wellies and we’re sorted. Bring on the rain; we’re ready


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