Are you dancin’? You askin’?

The white shoe. Or boot. Or stiletto.

I had my first (& only) pair of white stilettos from Freeman, Hardy and Willis when I was about 15… I loved them in all of their faux leather plastic-ness. They served me well at various weddings and parties for a year or two, with my blouse blouson-ed and wide belt slung low, 80’s style.

Turns out, as with fear of double denim Shakin’ Stevens style – I’m just not sure I can go back to the actual white stiletto.

However, a white shoe with a chunkier heel, or a boot and I think we could be in business. We’ve got used to looking down and seeing white from having lived in trainers for years – I’ve got used to thinking I’m not flipping round a pair of clown shoes – they are in fact, just a pair of Converse.

There have been times over the last few months when I wanted to wear white trainers (to break up the black), but rain, snow or just COLD would stop play. A pair of white boots however could have served me better. (Hummm… *hatching a plan*… somehow my kids knew at Christmas, just the pair of boots I was after – as if by telepathy, it’s my birthday soon. Moving on.)

These low heeled boots could be the ticket when low and comfortable is needed, as if a trainer, but not. They are a boot. And smarter. Office unlined Western Leather Boot, £89

Office Unlined Western Boot £89

I did quite a sharp intake of breathe a couple of months ago when Topshop so kindly sent me an email launching new footwear… stunning wearable/unwearable boots that OH… but they’ve since sold through, but now Harp, £85, has arrived. Hello. Barbarella-esque if ever there was.

Topshop Harp Ankle boots £85

If these are all too futuristic, these Mango boots are going down a storm – love the attention to detail and stitching features, £89.99

Mango £89.99

Mango £89.99

A tan/wooden heel always feels a little more spring like to me, River Island, £30, were £60.

River Island block heel leather boots £60

These Cylinder Block heels from Next feel a bit different, £69. A more rounded toe this time.

Next Cylinder heel boot £69

Or in shoe form, Next £55. I like these. A lot.

Next Cylinder heel shoe £55

A bit lower and textured from Mango, £49.99 – a corduroy lady shoe.

Mango textured shoes £49.99

From Kin at John Lewis, £79 another smarter option. (These may be smart, but I’d have to dress these down with boyfriend jeans…) Cone heel alert.

Kin by John Lewis £79

A bit sassier from River Island, £50. Cone heel…!

River Island mules £50

These heeled Brogue shoes are from La Redoute, £75… I’m seeing these with wide legs navy pin striped trousers + white tee. Summer smart. (She says shivering…)

La Redoute White Heeled Brougues £75

The other extreme is these kitten heel mules from M&S, £25 with V front detail.

M&S white mules £25

Finally, stiletto boots – love the curve at the top; turns out I could do a stiletto – but in boot form. These had to be included a they’re called Ab Fab. Do I need to say any more? Office £90.

Office Ab Fab Stiletto Boots £90

Bring on the Bolly.


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