International Women’s Day

Sometimes I’m concerned about the things that seemingly go over my head, or I miss things because I’m probably thinking too much about shoes. I don’t watch the news as much as I perhaps should – I find it stressful and sad-making and at times, I feel powerless… so sometimes the head in the sand approach feels the only way – not a proud forward-thinking thing to admit to.

Facebook ‘shared a memory’ the other day; our then 2 year old daughter doing something funny… on the floor in the photo were the Sunday papers. Mr Evolve-Edit and I both noticed them and sort-of laughed… ‘ha – remember when we still used to get, and actually read the papers?’ It’s been a while. Yes we are in the digital age and ‘we’ (the collective) gather news from various sources… (with me, too often asking Mr E-E on whatever political storm has bru-ha-har’d what the hell it means)…

So. My inbox and the Stores are filling up with Mother’s Day must-have’s… but there doesn’t seem to be as much happening about International Woman’s Day – on 8 March, like, next Thursday.

Why was it a newsletter from Mango that led me there? I follow SOOOO many brilliant brands/women/companies, from all different walks of life on Instagram… why haven’t really seen any mention of it. Why, why, why??

Yeah… I why didn’t I just know about it anyway – yep, my bad… perhaps if I picked up a paper…

I love that Mango are running these two T-shirts below celebrating International Women’s Day… alas I didn’t see where they mention or explain what the day was about to reach their (younger… & older) customers and audience.

Here’s a link to the International Women’s Day website… to see what it’s all about. This years key message is #PressforProgress ‘a strong call to motivate and unite friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive’. The paragraph below is lifted from their website.

With the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report findings telling us that gender parity is over 200 years away – there has never been a more important time to keep motivated and #PressforProgress. And with global activism for women’s equality fuelled by movements like #MeToo#TimesUp and more – there is a strong global momentum striving for gender parity.

Years ago I read Naomi Klein’s No Logo book – one of a first of it’s kind I think – a passage as I remember, and apologies if I get this wrong, is… Quietly, Nike didn’t mind so much if their Swooosh logo was being knocked off and bootleg versions were being worn on the streets or basket ball courts of NYC – because it still promoted the Nike brand amongst the cool (poorer?) kids wearing it. The kids that could afford Nike products would then buy it. (One wonders now, how that would go down…).

So in a round about way – Mango – well done you ARE promoting a most brilliant cause. But I didn’t see anywhere on your website that a percentage of the proceeds of the sales of these t-shirts is going to go to help funding towards a charity for women or raising money to spread the word of International Women’s Day further?? You are also not telling us what you are doing along YOUR OWN supply chain in supporting women who work for the suppliers in the factories around the world producing for you.

Feisty moment done. For now.

Below also listed, are some smaller brands that I’ve got to know through the power of Instagram – they are tiny, small, and sometimes one-woman brands, doing brilliant things.

SO much praise to Selfish Mother for what they do; by donating £5 for every one of their #GoodTee’s, they’ve raised over £835K for their chosen charities which range from small local charities to global ones) completely completely awe-inspiring… And their sweatshirts, tees and merchandise is pretty awesome too.

From Selfish Mother, £50

Selfish Mother Human sweatshirt £50

So…  Mango £15.99. Great tee. (Ahem, see above.)

Mango £15.99

This is also Mango, £15.99

Mango fearless £15.99

A brand whom I love, called Mutha.Hood, I heard of through Instagram… the mastermind behind it, Gemma, does great Instastories – she’s a total force for good. Strong Girls Club tee £22.

Muthahhood Strong Girls Club £22

And for the smalls… £14. 

Muthahood Strong Little Girls £14

And… We believe in the Power of the Girl, £22

Muthahood - Power of the Girl, £22

And for mini me… £14

Muthahood, we believe in the power of the girl, £14

On the Rise, a London based small brand, make brilliant, witty and almost bespoke in colour combinations/slogans sweatshirts & tees.  Wonder Woman, £70

On The Rise Wonder Woman £70

And Le Future Est Femme, £70

On The Rise Le Future est femme £70

From Mutha.Hood, £38

Muthahood Sweatshirt £38

And on the back…

Muthahood Sweatshirt £38

On the Rise – wool embroidered sweat £75

On The Rise Femme - wool embroidered £75

Tees… this is from Selfish Mother, £30 – hear hear…

Selfish Mother We are all Wonder Women £30

From H&M, beaded tee, £8.99

H&M Hear me Roar £8.99

Bershka, sneakers £19.99 with slogan laces GRL PWR…. (aka girl power)

Bershka sneakers £19.99

And then pants… because its all comes back to pants in the end. Topshop £5.

Topshop Girl Almighty £5

Happy International Women’s Day – may the force be with us, our mothers, our sisters, our daughters and our girl friends.


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