Jump… again

So, slowly slowly now that the cold weather snap has passed (OK, it seems have done so in London Town at least) there is the thought of spring… and so my annual dilemma for when its time to de-layer (slightly) is what to wear?

I pulled a couple of what I thought were fail-safe items out of my wardrobe the other day but they just made me feel a bit ‘meh’. Either too black. (This is the person that wear 95% black all the time)… or the proportions were wrong or, or, or… maybe it was just my shoes that were wrong? (Yep… white ones needed?)

I was out with some friends last Friday night, as per I’d left myself precisely 7 minutes to get ready and sort what I was going to wear. (The daughter was thoughtfully adding in her two-penneth to my outfit selection, ‘best to under dress, Mum, no make a bit of an effort, no, not that top, you need heels with that, jeans, really?) I ended up going for what had been a Christmas do outfit of black v-neck sweater and Zara pleated skirt with long slouch boots and it felt OK. In my panic I don’t know why I didn’t just turn to a trusted jumpsuit?

I see how some women throw on a dress and I wish I had that ease… it doesn’t come naturally to me; though I love the thought of the ease of it. Jumpsuits however I can do.

As I may have mentioned in a blog way back – I have four jumpsuits. All black. Imaginative, I know.

I’m wary of print… unless a stripe, a star or a spot (within reason). If the wind was blowing in the right direction I could do a floral print I think.

I love this jumpsuit from Zara, £49.99 on so many levels, the print, sleeves, length, flattering V neck and POCKETS. This I think is a floral I could do.

Zara £49.99

I was apphrensive about the no waist cinchy element, I needn’t have been. Gathered back.

Zara £49.99

A more casual print, but easy print from Topshop, £49. This would be great for work or for a wedding, with the right footwear.

Topshop Daisy print jumpsuit £49

Sleeveless and wide leg from Hush, £85 This would be great with a little cropped blazer for smarter occasions.

Hush Daphne Jumpsuit £85

Another more weddingy/occassiony – less worky jumpsuit is this one from Mango, £69.99 with the lace insert at the shoulder.

Mango lace detail £69.99

This jumpsuit below, shown here in Blueberry, from Hush, £75, is a gorgeous move on from the black one I have, and have worn and worn, and worn. (Come summer or winter – just layer/un layer as required.)

Hush SS Jumpsuit £75 blueberry

Continuing with a navy ground this seamed detail jumpsuit from Mango, £59.99 is very chic, I love the length and pointy toe peeping out.

Mango seamed jumpsuit £59.99

Navy again from Mango, the slim fit, pocket detail, love, £69.99.

Mango £69.99 dark navy

Long sleeve with a fluted cuff from Finery, £119.

Finery blue jumpsuit £119

From Kitri, £125 tailored tuxedo jumpsuit. Dress up, dress down, perfection.

KITRI-Roland-Tuxedo-Jumpsuit-Front £125

A whole other price point… but so elegantly beautiful. Not sure I’d trust me, or my darling off spring with me in all white though… Reiss, £250.

Reiss £250

Polka dots from Mango, £49.99. (White boots or shoes are completely inevitable aren’t they?)

Mango polka dot jumpsuit £59.99

All about the kimono sleeve here at Gap, this is also available in Navy. I know I’d buy the black though, £44.95… 40% off for Gap VIP members at the moment.

Gap Kimono sleeve Jumpsuit £44.95

I’d love to, but most probably wouldn’t, wear this strappy wrap jumpsuit from Topshop £32 as it is... I’d would however, definitely wear it with a white tee underneath it though. Really like the cropped length of the trouser – great with trainers… or a lady like sling back shoe.

Topshop Slinky wrap jumpsuit £32

And finally, from H&M – this is a beautiful timeless and classic print, I absolutely love it… the price, £130 does seem steep for H&M, though it is printed silk satin (hand wash?)… but this is a beautiful piece.

H&M Silk satin jumpsuit £130

And look at the back… yeah yeah a bra = tricky… but details, details… OK well there we go, that’s something to look at next time… decent bra backs.

H&M Silk satin jumpsuit £130

So are you a dress or a jumpsuit person, or do you do both?!


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