It’s behind you…

The Rear view. No, not necessarily for you, but for others who might be looking. We’ve all no doubt seen the gammy looking stretched (& possibly greying) hook and eye of a bra poking out the back of someones deep back, or open back top… completely then devaluing their whole outfit.

(OK the thought of an open back top might just seem a ridiculous notion as the mini beast from the east is snowing down…. aahhh… but when I started writing this it was sunny & ankles were out!)

Lingerie designers/sales assistants/magazines will tell you good outfits start from good foundations and underwear. So whilst we’re not maybe talking foundations in the original sense of the word (really, who has time, or the inclination to be seriously trussed up everyday…? High days and holidays – well, go forth and enjoy!) Everything these days is about comfort… we want brushed liners inside of garments, wires that don’t dig, elastics that don’t chaff and smart, and garments that also offer some support that smooth and flatter.

And perhaps also, we’re getting used to not wearing over-padded, push-up, somewhere to rest your drink style bras; we’re wanting a more natural shape/profile. It also doesn’t mean that prettiness is forgotten. We want easy.

I mentioned in a recent blog (Stars & Stripes) about going to a friends wedding a couple of weeks ago, and the brides dress, was a dress of dreams… the back was exquisite. Nude tulle, beading, sequins, silk covered buttons… the detail… oh the detail.

But for those of us, not wearing wedding gowns regularly, or even occasionally, but perhaps maybe wanting to wear a top or dress that has a key hole feature fastening, a dipped lower back, a slightly sheer blouse or even a woolly all consuming jumper (given the weather)… what to do? Well, if people are gonna look, and they are, better give them something good to look at, no?

The high street and brands are awash with bras (and bodies) that have more interesting back than just plain mesh with a standard hook and eye. Below, are my pick of the bras from whats out there now…

This H&M is the kind of item I was thinking about, £17.99… though personally I’m less keen on the super push up aspect for me.

H&M Super push up £17.99


H&M Super push up £17.99

From Autograph, M&S, £22.50 a front fastening bra. With the lace V going the other way…

M&S ff bra, £22.50

This bralette from Stella McCartney is exquisite, £125.

Stella McCartney £125

With the satin covered button fastening at the front… beautiful, though not as great for fuller busts.

Stella McCartney £125

This long line padded plunge is by Rosie for M&S, £30

M&S uw non padded plunge £30 Rosie

Another bow back detail from Asos, £16, this has a high front as well.

Asos Lace bra £16

Asos Lace bra £16

It does seem to be that its mainly bralette (non wired) bras ‘out there’ that have more interesting back details… here’s another below from Intermissimi, £36.

(If you’ve not yet tried a bralette… can’t recommend enough, even if you’re blessed with bigger boobage, there are options out there that do offer support and ‘lift’; what they may lack in a certain amount of oomph… they gain in comfort. No brainer.)

Intermissimi bralette £36

Intermissimi bralette £36

An underwired padded crotchet lace look bra from Oysho, £36

Oysho crotchet bustier bra £18.99

The back view… great knickers too.

Oysho crotchet bustier bra £18.99

So to some sportier and cleaner looks…

This is by Skin, £70 at Net A Porter – the sheer mesh back is quite saucy in it’s simplicity I think…

Skin £70

Front view…

Skin £70

Straight across from Oysho, £18.99, love the contrast colours here and the straight edge modern look of the lace… (it’s the day job ‘we’ obsess about these things…)

Oysho Pink £18.99

Oysho Pink £18.99

Dora Larson makes the most beautiful underwear in just the most gorgeous colour combinations… stunning. Take a look, this would be a super intriguing bra back to flash… £46.

Dora Larson

In contrast to the above… super criss cross lace up action from Topshop £24 for the bralette and thong set. Oh la la.

Topshop lace bra & thong £24

Agent Provocateur Seraphine bra £195 – this has the most stunning detail at the back hook and eye fastening… I was trying to avoid actual hook and eyes, but this is too beautiful not to include…

Agent Provocateur Seraphina £195

Agent Provocateur Seraphina £195

H&M have this super strappy number… £14.99. A fab bra for showing off the back details.

(Though the poor love in this photo is wearing a bra that’s way too small… if the back of the bra is riding up like this… go for a size smaller around the body – and if possible up a cup size. Granted, bralettes are often sold dress sizes, due to the fact then that buyers might only need to buy 7-9 different actual sizes – ie, dress sizes 6-16. For cup/back sizes like regular bras – you could be talking buying 12-40 sizes – 32A-40E… so it’s not a straight forward)

H&M £14.99

And finally, who wouldn’t want to show off this beautiful – smile inducing piece of loveliness?! & Other stories, £29… the poppers of this bra are at the underarm for a cleaner uninterrupted look. Ice and a slice, don’t mind if I do.

& Other Stories bralette £29

& Other Stories bralette

So what will you wear your ‘make em stare’ bra with? Today… I’m thinking I’d be wearing one with approximately 52 layers.



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