Basket Case

…as a phrase always makes me think of Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club. Oh how I loved that film… well all of the John Hughes films of that time. Anyhoo…

Basket cases and straw bags are everywhere – they were bubbling around last summer, and they are back and (to me) there seems more variety, not just ‘going to the beach’ type straw bags, but smarter versions too to take you to the office or meetings, and a few bonkers ones too for good measure.

I am inherently nervous of straw as an accessory… mainly in truth to the damage it can reek on other clothing items. I shall say no more than… A rather stressed bride-to-be. A Mexican themed hen party.  A silk top. And a straw sombrero. And a very long evening that has never been spoken of again…

Not a sombrero in sight in this blog post though. Cross body bags and finding the ultimate is a good place to start.

Free People £88 – this is the toppier end price wise, but it has stunning detail. (As does the white blouse.)

Free People £88

Topshop £26 have this pretty one with colour detail too.

Topshop Britney cross body £26

Staying with colour add-ons… how about this Pom-Pom shopper from Topshop again, £24?

Topshop Pom-Pom shopper £24

Or a slightly more sophisticated cross body bag from M&S £32.50. I love the flash of green.

M&S Cross body bag £32.50

I’m including this below because its a basket – but also made from re-purposed materials… love the colours within it; will go with anything and everything.

Free People £40

Free People repurposed materials £40

Or this from Mango £19.99

Mango Braided bag £19.99

OK – this has sneaked in for pure nostalgia… I had a gun metal grey one… I bought it to go on holiday to Cheddar Gorge. All the class. Free People £20.

Free People retro bag £20

This has no recycled/re-purposed credentials to justify it being in here… I just like the shape – a halter neck bag no? Free People, again. £24

Free People £24

Another interesting shape is from South Beach at Asos, £25.

South Beach at Asos straw bag £25

Or this sizeable one is from Glamorous at Next £32.

Glamourous at Next straw bag £32

Plain straw again and more traditional Next £32.

Next Straw tote £32

Slouchy from Topshop £22

Topshop straw tote £22

This bi-colour bag from Mango is really lovely £19.99, and looks more expensive than it is.

Mango Bi-colour texture bag £19.99

A final piece to make you smile… you didn’t know you needed one of these did you? Bamboo Fish Bag from Mango, £39.99… perfect for the beach I think.

Wishing you a fabulous long weekend and may your baskets be overflowing with chocolate nonsense.


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