Did you feel that?

There was some warmth and spring like action – whoop whoop! Despite all of my bluster about getting ready to spring – whenever spring does actually spring, I’m thrown. However ready I might be for some sun to start defrosting bones, the temperature rises slightly and I hit the point of what the hell am I going to wear??

The thought of un-peeling layers, though tempting, is also terrifying. Sleeves, obviously are still needed and layers, always layers. I’m fairly sure that I am, like the majority of people, do not have completely separate wardrobes for summer and winter. Yes I have things I put away/get out according to the season – but other than that its the updates here and there – jeans, trousers, skirts and jackets pretty much remain the same.

I’ve got a work China trip coming up in a couple of weeks; its currently around 28 degrees during the day where I’ll be; the office will be close to arctic due to the air conditioning… so its layers all the way. Sandals? Ahhh I don’t think so. I’ll still stick with boots… (famous last words whilst I open a few more web pages…)

I’m assuming for now, that the ‘bottoms’ I have are going to be OK for my trip – so it’s just a top/shirt refresh I need for now. Hummm again, famous last words as I sense a rising panic about that last statement.

Anyhoo, this shirt caught my eye the other day – feeling spring-ish and a too good to miss price.

H&M £8.99H&M stripe £8.99

Bigger and bolder stripes from Zara £25.99 in satin… a great way to dress up jeans, or even look easy with wide leg trousers and trainers/flats.

Zara satin shirt £25.99

Shorter sleeves from Next, £30 a super easy shirt to wear. It’s casual, but add the infamous jazzy earring discussed previously and… more chic.

Next stripe shirt £30

This oversized shirt with smarter jeans, ankle boots? I love the white jeans shown here, but a) I don’t live a lifestyle where I think I could keep white jeans white for more than 20 minutes, and b) – I don’t think that illuminating my lower half is really where I’m at. But those than can, please do, be the Liz Hurley for those of that who won’t/can’t.

Super simple from & Other Stories, £59.

& Other Stories £59

Underneath these fabulous shirts I’d ideally go for a vest top, no one likes a draught. Uniqlo are my vest top dealer of choice, either the strappy or tank variety. Uniqlo do their basics in an assortment of colours too which is super useful.

Uniqlo £9.90

Uniqlo airism seamless vest £9.90

French Connection have this beauty, £75, stripes and embroidery – what more could you ask?

French Connection Olasega shirt £75

A slightly eye watering price for a blouse (for me to contemplate at least), but it’s stunning, is this from Reiss, love it with the checked trousers, it could almost make me contemplate *needing* a pair…

Reiss £135

Reiss shirt £135

This has a romantic feel – that I keep being drawn to, but then seemingly can’t quite commit to, from Zara £29.99 – I think its so gorgeous and would so perfectly fit the brief for what I need for my China trip… but its an awful lot of white to mess up/spill something down… (yes, that says far more about me than I’d probably care to admit).

Zara pin tuck £28.99

Florals in white from Reserved, £14.99, love the sleeve/cuff detail.

Reserved lace blouse £14.99

Introducing a little colour here from H&M £34.99.

H&M wide blouse £34.99

See the bottom of it…

H&M wide blouse £34.99

Bright blue – brights do normally scare me – on me, though I love them on others… but this one has really caught my eye… perhaps the fact its styled with familiar jeans and has the look of I could do that too… lovely quilting/stitch detailing at then neck.

And/Or at John Lewis £59

And.Or at John Lewis embroidered blouse £59

Some kind of statement jazzy earring would have any of the above sorted. I’m feeling better about my trip already… at least on the what-to-wear-front… now if I can just get the work done… xx

One thought on “Did you feel that?

  1. I love this, meant to say before. Particularly the Zara white blouse/top which you liked (not sure whether they are called blouses anymore???) Excellent choices xx


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