What do you know, Uniqlo?

I’ve subscribed to Vogue magazine for about 300 years… I still have them all. I have them from when hair was big, shoulders were wide, and the models were so very super. I have them in charming piles around at home, and in my mothers She-shed all wrapped up in cling film, year by year. I’m not sure why I’m keeping them – but now I have so many I would struggle to get rid of them. To even see the ad campaigns or models grow up, to see the pure fantasy of Tim Walkers’s elaborate shoots, or Lucinda Chambers’s more is more styling; they are, and were, moments in time.

It was Vogue that introduced me to Uniqlo, amongst the MiH and Theory jeans at eye watering prices that were out of my reach, there sat Uniqlo jeans coming in at a very do-able £35. These I could buy in to, I did and I still do. On repeat. The black black jeans stay oh so black… until they’re not quite so much… so a new pair move in taking the top stop.

I’ve now numerous Uniqlo items in my wardrobe. They’re generally effortless, time less and very affordable, also kind of unidentifiable. Incidentally Uniqlo, despite that they only have 11 stores in the UK, which are predominantly London based (sorry), they are the third largest apparel retailer in the world (after Zara, and H&M, and they’re one ahead of Gap)…

For my meetings 10 days ago in China, I was all about the layers, or sleeves at least are a must because of the AC (some of my Chinese colleagues were wrapped up in multiple layers because they were too cold, whereas we Westerners were just comfortable.)

This Uniqlo blouse did me proud. I wore it with dark indigo jeans and navy blue boots. It also served me well for drinks later in the week in Hong Kong (I got to play out for the night in Hong Kong – for the first time in over 10 years – woo hoo!)

Uniqlo £12.90 (was £24.90) – what a price.

Soft cotton long sleeve blouse navy £12.90, was £24.90 And in white…

Soft cotton long sleeve blouse £12.90, was £24.90

This is also gorgeous £24.90 – available in 4 colours

Cotton embroidered blouse £24.90

Cotton embroidered blouse £24.90

Or longer line… great as a beach cover-up too.

Uniqlo £24.90

Embroidered cotton long sleeve tunic £24.90

A more casual tee is this two-way tee – I tried this style on last week, for me it worked better with the knot at the front. I love the simplicity of this… (yeah, and obviously I tried on the black version)

Uniqlo £9.90

Two-way short sleeve tee £9.90

And in black…

Two-way short sleeve tee £9.90

I didn’t buy the above tee, but I did buy this in black (!)… again, another two-way version… I prefer it with the embroidery at the front. This is going to prove super useful.

Uniqlo £12.90

Two-way lace combination short sleeve tee £12.90

And in the black…

Two-way lace combination short sleeve tee £12.90

Mainly black, stripes, cool pleating sleeve detail – what’s not to love? £9.90

Short sleeve stripe tee £12.90

Uniqlo is great for basics – whether jeans, plain tee’s (brushing over the odd Mickey Mouse and Snoopy collaborations; which I don’t personally get…). This denim jacket is FAB; love the lightness of the blue – perfect for summer. And such a bargain at £34.90.

Denim jacket £34.90

I’ve had great blazer/jackets from Uniqlo in the past – this navy stripe would be a great way to update my jeans/tee uniform. Fancy earrings, good boots and it would work for a meeting for me.

Uniqlo £59.90

Stretch Jacket £59.90

Uniqlo do some amazing collaborations; Hana Tajima, a seasoned collaborator – she designs her clothes again with such refinement – this for me, and I could be wrong is one of the first mainstream collaborations to sit ‘modest/culturally sensitive’ clothing alongside ‘regular’ clothing, whatever regular is. I think that it is so exciting that these differing looks and aspirations sit happily along side each other.

Long Tencel jacket £39.90, was £49.90. (I love the colour layering shown here…)

Tencel long jacket £39.90, was £49.90

Christophe Lemaire – is another long term collaborator they worked so well on the initial season he now has a dedicated design team headed up in Paris – where he ‘reinvents basics to be anything but basic’.

This fold away parka would be super useful… festivals, camping etc, available in 4 colours £39.90, was £69.90.

Packable long parka £39.90, was £9.90

Ines De La Fressenge has also worked for many seasons with them, bringing her innate Parisian style and refinement. I’d happily have this denim jacket in my wardrobe.

£49.90, was £59.90

Uniqlo Denim jacket £49.90

Finally, Princess Tam Tam have collaborated on some fabulous swimwear, not sure it will get me to break my ‘I only swim abroad’ policy… but it’s gorgeous none the less.

Princess Tam Tam x Uniqlo £24.90

Princess Tam Tam one piece £24.90

Don’t worry – it’s also available in black!



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