It must be love…

So I didn’t get an invite to Meghan and Harry’s wedding either – and it is now cutting it a bit fine to get an outfit sorted if a late invite was received today. I would definitely have to pull from my dress repertoire of old; then try and ghoouzz it up some how to make it feel more now. Oh even just pretending this could happen is almost inducing a mild panic, OK – so for a wedding tomorrow, this isn’t going to be the blog for you, but for an up and coming one, some ideas.

As my support is not required in Windsor tomorrow, and am needed at home in between doing the weekend club runs etc I shall be at home, drinking bubbles, under hastily put up bunting, whilst eating iced bride & groom baked biscuits with the smalls cheering on Meghan and Harry and waiting to see The Dress.

Dressing as a guest at a wedding is a tricky thing (yes, yes the bride has her issues as well), but back to us, The Guests… When researching this and looking at what different brands term their ‘Wedding Outfits’ or ‘Occasion Outfits’ – clicking on that section, can sometimes, wipe out a whole load of possibilities of what could make a great outfit depending on how the store or brand has edited their offer – so take your time.

I’m not one, you may have gathered, for spending an absolute fortune on a dress to only wear it twice. Ever. It’s just not good maths to me. There are some pricier options in this edit, but only with reason, if they are dresses that I, (or you), could happily keep and wear again and again to other occasions. Or it’s your best-est friends wedding, or some one is going to a wedding that you have to out-dazzle… though preferably not the bride. Moving on.

So let’s have a look at what we could wear for any up coming nuptials that aren’t tomorrow…

Rixo are a fine brand to invest in, the dresses aren’t cheap, but they are beautiful and keepers for years; and oh so so gorgeous.

Rixo Adriana £320

Rixo Adrian 80s Polka Dot £320

I’d be tempted to go all out matchy with these shoes…

Topshop £46

Topshop Gastro long point sandals £46

The polka dot shoes could also add some interest to this more simple dress asymmetric satin dress.

H&M £39.99

H&M satin dress £39.99

Keeping with the mono this pouch bag from Foundry £39.50

The Foundary Marcia tassel pouch £39.50

How about these to go with as well?

Zara fringed earrings £12.99

Zara fringed metal earrings £12.99

Florals are a classic and don’t really date… stunning

Lily & Lionel £230

Lily & Lionel Marlow £220

These snakeskin sandals would last for years with this classic styling, and be perfect not only for ‘occasions’ but with jeans too. There, justified.
Hush £155

Hush Ludlow sandal £155

Another stunning dress, florals and stars… Love the green.

Rixo £315

Rixo - Lucy 30s Bunch Floral £315

These sandals could work beautifully, and are totally dance-able in-able…

Topshop £26

Topshop £29

This Autograph cotton dress could be dressed up beautifully…

Autograph £59

M&S Autograph Cotton dress £55

These white shoes could be the thing though to oomph a simpler dress like the above (especially if I didn’t buy the white boots, dammit). Yes Topshop appear to be absolutely on it with shoes and sandals right now.

Topshop Deep V courts £49

Topshop Grove V-cut courts £49

This dress is fab, and shown with white boots… I think I’d be happy to go white shoes though.

Kitri £145

KITRI-Studio-Eliana-Polka-Wrap-Dress-Front £145

This Tribeca pouch in Forties Blue comes with three different strap options, would co-ordindate perfectly.

Foundry £64

The Foundary Tribeca Pouch £64

Topshop give us this gorgeous dress.. love £39.99

Topshop £39.99

With these shoes… it has taken EVERYTHING for me to not order these directly, now.

Topshop £59

Topshop £59.99

Those shoes, this dress. Hello print clash.

French Connection £95

French Connection Shikoku spaced jersey maxi dress £95

With these? Zara earrings with fabric flowers £15.99

Zara earring with fabric flowers £15.99

I have been known on more than one occasion to wear black to a wedding, once when an unofficial (grown up) bridesmaid, and then other times because, well, it’s me, its what I do. This H&M jacquard satin could definitely be an option, if, er, I got an invite… anyone?

H&M £39.99

H&M tie detail dress £39.99

With these gorgeous cone heels… Dune, £80

Dune Vamp slingback court £80

Finally – this stunning silk dress from Kitri… £195

KITRI-Studio-Simone-Silk-Tie-Waist-Dress-Side £195

And to go with… what could be more fitting for a wedding?

Hush Love bag £55

Hush Love clutch £55

So here’s to love stories, weddings, health, happiness, princes and princesses.


One thought on “It must be love…

  1. Love, love, love the blog. Fab. Writing as well as dresses etcetera. Well done, my clever girl xxx I will forward to Mary and Debbie xxx


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