Er, hello sunshine?

Where did it go? Ermmmm at the top of the week it was warm and sunny wasn’t it?
I didn’t make that up? Why am I back in trainers and wearing a scarf? (OK the scarf is because I’ve got a cold and am all over the place temperature wise), but even so. End of May and I’m wearing a scarf.

This weather is making me want to go back to the jumpers I’ve packed away. My weather app is telling me its going to be warm next week, cloudy mainly, with a chance of rain/thunder/lightning. Great.

So in keeping ourselves cheery, lets look at some summery things. With a few warmer items thrown in… because… well, this is the UK.

This is a smile inducing tee – love everything, great back detail too.
Mint Velvet £45

Mint Velvet stripe & lips tee £45

Might need this to go with it though…
Gap Open stitch £34.95

Gap Open stitch pullover sweater £34.95

Worn with these khaki trousers…
Next £28

Next khaki trousers £28

And perhaps this bag could hold some of my ‘stuff’…
Audrey Market Bag, £34. from The Alex Edit

The Alex Edit Audrey market bag £34

This blouse would bring more than a little sunshine, if you know…
H&M £19.99

H&M £19.99

Great sandals to go with – I’ll take a pair in each colour I think.
Zara £25.99

Zara sandals £25.99

Holding on to any of the above pairs… how about with this jumper?
Zara £69.99

Zara jumper £69.99

Is this bag too matchy matchy? Naaaaa – a classic dahling.
& Other Stories £89

& Other Stories leather bag £89

Tan Bag = Classic. White shirt = Classic. I’m sold.
Zara £25.99

Zara devore £25.99

Or the white shirt with this white bag? Definitely. I neeeed this.
Gap £29.95

Gap cross body bag £29.95

Keeping more sleek – I love these trainers in washed grey with star detail…
Mint Velvet Ducie – £99

Mint Velvet Ducie trainers £99

Perhaps with this Utility jacket – I love the slouch of it and it has a different feel to my usual fall back of a denim jacket…
And.Or at John Lewis £79

AndOr John Lewis Utility jacket £79

Finally – a blouse to end all… beautiful… with the jacket above, the khaki trews and a basket bag; job done. Get me to the pub garden.
Anthropologie £98

Anthrapologie £98

Ah… happy days. Now. Sunshine. Get. Back. Here. Pronto.


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