Denim; but jeans… not so much

Denim. I love it. I wear it 99% of the time, but I’m not that adventurous in how I wear it. I’m a classic jeans or denim jacket kind of girl… maybe veering here and there with a denim shirt or alternative style denim jacket. Denim is however one of the most versatile fabrics, that in most instances only improves with age – so why aren’t I wearing more of it?

Fear of the 1980’s Shakin’ Stevens Double Denim look will be a main part. I was scarred as a child.

But there IS so much out there that we could be wearing, aside from jeans and regular style denim jackets; pieces that ‘we’ know could just slip in to our wardrobes and get busy.

Shall we start with denim jackets? As mentioned, I can’t do denim and denim; or at least blue denim and blue denim. Black jeans and blue denim jacket, at a push (but more likely I’d reach for a khaki jacket).

But a black denim jacket, and one that’s a little smarter, that could be worn with jeans (possibly?) or patterned trousers… or dress as here… well hello.

Topshop Cropped denim jacket £39

Topshop Cropped Utility jacket £39

Smarter from Arket £79. Love the contrast stitching, the length and that it’s white… it has a totally different feel. (I would LOVE to be able to wear all white… who does live that particular dream and do they get the tube to work?)

Arket cotton twill jacket £79

Staying with white, this collarless jacket would be super useful over the summer. The raw edge of the neck, and detailing around the hem gives it almost a lace like look, more feminine I think.
Next £35

Next collarless jacket £35

Or, a biker style would ring the changes, Mint Velvet Authentic Indigo denim jacket £109

Mint Velvet Indigo denim jacket £109Kimono style oozing cool… I love the throw on nature of this, it looks an easy one to wear. I’m ignoring the same blue tone jeans its worn with here.
& Other Stories £69

& Other Stories Denim Kimono £69

This frilled dress is beautiful, effortless. Perfect for layering.
Mango £29.99

Mango frilled denim dress £29.99

Smart, and I think, a bit saucy…
Next £45

Denim Shirt Dress £45

Talking of saucy… OMG. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
OK, I’m not sure/know I couldn’t get away with this, but… if you can, please do.
Topshop bandeau jumpsuit £39

Topshop bandeau jumpsuit £39

Another extreme of fabulousness… this is an investment piece, but something that one would keep for years – this is gorgeous on every level… if the above jumpsuit is your Sandy, then this is your Farrah. Embrace.
Rock The Jumpsuit, denim jumpsuit £270

Rock The Jumpsuit £270

Looser and perhaps a slightly more wearable option on an everyday level… this is jumpsuit is great.
And/Or Carly jumpsuit £130

AndOr Carly Jumpsuit £130

Dungarees… I love these, want these. My kids say no. Perfect reason to get I think. I love the loose and easy scoop neck styling of these.
Hush £95

Hush dungarees £95

Or a black cropped dunagree from that’s maybe more work friendly… depending where you work of course…

Topshop £49

Topshop Cropped Wide leg Dungarees £49

Smarter trouser styling jeans from Next £38

Next wide leg £38

Cargo jeans from And/Or, £89 in washed black. Great seam detailing.

AndOr Cargo jeans £89

Another super easy pair – culottes this time. In truth I’m not sure how I feel about culottes… I think I’d give them a go. Actually its the name that I don’t like, *culottes* it sends off alarm bells – lets call them A Cropped Wide Leg (Fashion Singular) Trouser.
Much more modern, less matronly. I love the look and colour level of these, less keen with these espadrilles… I think they can be shortening of leg. (Kitten heel sling back anyone, or something a leg lengthening-ly pointy?)

Monsoon £49

Monsoon Saskia soft cullotes £49

Staying with a paler shade of blue… this is a lovely top. Styled with denim… hummmm. Note the contrasting shades… and smart denim jeans. Nothing Shakey about this double denim.
Gap £14.99, was £49.95

Gap denim ruffle sleeve top £14.99, was £49.95

This bag is an Instagram find, and I rather like it. I usually work from home, but on days I go into the office, I need a big bag to get my lap top, swatches and samples in; I’m always on the look out for a tote bag big enough. (Yes a small wheelie suitcase would probably be better, for my back at least, but style wise, nil points).
This denim shopper/tote bag looks big enough to house my ‘stuff’ and with leather handles – super hard-wearing which will only improve with age.

Whitehall & Mercantile Co £80

Whitehill Mercantile Co. denim shopper £80

So what do you think? How much denim can you take, do you have room for a little more in your life?! A hell to the yes as far as I’m concerned.


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