I wear a lot of black. Had I mentioned? Sometimes for kicks in the summer, I switch to wearing a little more navy. I know – living life on the edge.

Sometimes though, even for me black shoes can feel a bit clumpy, heavy even… (trusty flip flops don’t count) – but when trainers won’t do and I want something neutral – step up (sorry) the tan sandal or shoe.

Tan sandals/shoes work well, with everything really – and lengthen your legs – winner.
I do also have more of a personal preference to sandals/shoes that have more of an ankle strap than ones that fold right over the foot – again I think it lengthens the leg and is more flattering…

Next are absolutely on the money this season with their footwear. These look sturdy enough to go all day long… (note, elegant ankle strap)
Next leather wedge sandals £50

Next leather wedges £50

These are Next again; only a slight variation on the theme… I love the asymmetric-ness of them and cross over strap… because of the heel shape/height the crossing on the top of the foot is OK. (I know this sounds so…)
Next Asymmetric Wedges £40

Next Assymetric Wedges £40

Keeping with heels. I love these. There are limited sizes left online (most sizes still available in black), but hopefully in store there are more?!
M&S £49.50 leather block heel sandals

M&S Leather block heel sandal £49.50

Hello shoe-boot. I have some similar to this from years ago, very comfy and still going strong.
Office Hysteria Block Heel Shoe Boot £65

Office Hysteria Block heel shoe boot £65

Returning to the espadrille theme of several blogs ago.
Perfect for summery-ness and when you want a more covered foot.
Next shimmer espadrille £38

Next shimmer espadrille £40

Flat now – more of a trainer-shoe (a Shooner?). These are slightly off piste (& blush, not tan, whatev’s) but I see where they would be super useful for a summery look when its cold. (I will NOT make a disparaging remark about the weather at this point…WON’T.) Note the braided look… so much more to come. I particularly like the white soles – a bit more modern and interesting.
Next EVA Braided shoe £48

Next EVA braided slip on £48

Well, I mentioned braiding… here’s a lighter slider.
Zara £29.99

Zara braided slide £29.99

Staying with this darker shade; these have been all over Instagram, with reason – lovely clean detailing, and slight heel.
Dune Loupe Smart Slider sandal £80

Dune Loupe Smart Slider Sandal £80

Paler now with a rope-like feature; these are still flat… lovely.
Zara flat sandals £25.99

Zara flat sandals £29.99

I find these sandals very pleasing – the only phrase for it.
Colour, design, shape & heel height. Lovely.
Office Springfield Weave three strap sandals £42

Office Springfield Weave Three strap sandals £42

A clog – just throwing this in there… the straps are how I don’t really like them across the foot – however, I really like the balance of these. So does this ruin my whole argument? Nope. I am woman and therefore I can change my mind and be as contrary as I like!
Boden Olivia Clog Sandal £90

Boden Olivia Clog Sandals £90

If we can pop a clog in to the mix, we can pop in a flat-form sandal. The lime/chartreuse colour is what’s calling me here.
My fear with a flat form is to end up walking in a clumpy manner – but with this slightly raised and curved sole at the toe, I’m thinking it would be more a rock and glide… smoooooth.
M&S Autograph Cross strap sandal £55

M&S Autograph leather cross strap flatform £55

A low wedge with an interesting front detail. LOVE.
Mint Velvet Tessa Tan Wedges £75 

Mint Velvet Tessa Tan Wedges £75

And finally – some gla-mour… I love the simplicity of these – gorgeous colour, tiny fringing detail. Walk-able heel height. Yes Please.
Mint Velvet Eloise, £99, was £139

Mint Velvet Eloise £99, was £139

Now… what to wear with any of these beauties?
Oh, and some consistent sunshine would be marvellous too, thanks.


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