10 things you *might* need in your life right now…

Do we need any more ‘stuff’?

I work in the industry that produces the ‘stuff’ – we make ‘stuff’ that is sold at crazy prices because volume, and the market dictates it, so we can and do.
When we’re being told by our customers that sales are down and X isn’t selling, but Y is… and the buyers don’t understand it because X usually sells… it does make me wonder ‘well perhaps she just doesn’t need any more pants, maybe the bras she had from last year are still OK’. (My day job is a lingerie designer…).

We ‘need’ some stuff and ‘want’ some stuff, sometimes just because it’s pretty or perhaps we need that buzz of the new or it’s something in between.

Part of the premise of this blog is that I can do some donkey work for you and show you things that are pretty, or useful, or a solution to something. I am VERY aware with the blogs that I write is all about peddling the new and to perhaps shop, shop, shop because aren’t we supposed to want more, more, more? In reality – who can afford to shop ALL of the time? Who has the time to?

But these blogs perhaps also they can remind you what you ALREADY have in your wardrobe – but that styled or worn with this, that, or the other and it can feel fresh again and have a new lease of life that feels right for now. Or by just adding in a new pair of earrings, sandals or tee shirt – boom, it can lift something… the whatever doesn’t have to be expensive – but even something small/reasonably priced can do wonders for mood lifting.

So… 10 things you *might* need in your life now-ish…

1 – In this most joyously warm and sunny weather we’re having… your gonna need a hat.
A straw hat can withstand a lot I find. I’ve still never found one to not give hat-hair – its a lifes work probably.
H&M produced a fine one last year for me… this is a similar one available now. (Men’s hat can also be worth a look at if you have a larger bonce or barnet to protect…)
H&M £8.99

H&M Straw hat £8.99

2 – Perhaps some easy going flat elastic sandals (because your feet are being ravaged by being subjected to a life flips flops or silly shoes and they’ve had enough? Just me..?)
& Other Stories, £49 – these will take you from work to play, easily.

& Other Stories Elastic Strap sandal £49

3 – You might need some of these in your life as well. Yes they are black and actually quite huge, but there (honestly) not as shouty as some of the mahoosive statement earrings that are about AND, cross seasonal. #justified. These will add a little jazz. I shall say no more.

M&S £9.50

M&S Spike Earrings £9.50

4 – The earrings above would look fab with this tee from a brand that I LOVE.
Mutha.Hood £23

Mutha.hood £23

5 – It’s hot isn’t it? This bandeau bra is a brilliant ‘solution piece’, it has removable straps and is sold in dress sizes & available in black, white and nude; perfect under vests or complicated be-strapped tops.
Next Jamie Non wired bandeau bra £14

Next Jamie bandeau bra £14

6 – Last week I managed to leave my phone (& return train tickets) in a locked office. It’s made me realise;
1) I CAN survive 36 hours without a screen, just.
2) I only nowadays know two phones numbers off by heart (one of which is mine) = not terribly useful in a crisis when Mr Evolve-Edit is over 100 miles away… and my taxi didn’t turn up, and I missed my train, and… PEOPLE ARE SO KIND AND HELPFUL IN A (FIRST WORLD) CRISIS.
3) a cross-body bag is essential… phone, purse, keys – all of which can be immediately seen… or NOT. I need to expand my cross-body bag repertoire for the sanity of all around me.
This is beautiful, leather and versatile (& quite sizeable actually).

Warehouse tassel zip leather cross body bag £29

Warehouse Tassel Zip Leather cross body bag £29

7 – In this weather a blouse that is cool,chic and looks effortless? I love this. The sleeves, oh the sleeves.
Mango £49.99

Mango metallic thread blouse £49

8 – One of my essentials for summer/beach/being outdoors is to be able to cover up – I’m pale and I fry. A scarf that is a sarong, that is a cover up, and that can mop up is my kind of multi-tasking item. In this timeless abstract print, job done.
H&M £6.99

H&M Sarong £6.99

9 – I keep seeing red framed sun glasses… I saw a lot last year and I love them. I think that they look rather amazing if you’re blonde… I’m not, but I’m not going to let that stop me.
Oliver Bonas £24

Oliver Bonas Preppy Round Sunglasses £24

10 – You said you wanted something a little funky to spice up your life, or hand bag at least? Is this what you’ve been looking for?
The fact that some one thought this through, made it and bought it to put in shops – IT’S GENIUS. I love it.
This is the type of mood lifting, smile making reason why I love fashion.
& Other Stories Shrimp Key ring £17

& Other Stories, Leather Key Chain £17

Keep cool


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