Polka face

This has been quite a summer for the Polka Dot. It’s been there in all scales from teeny tiny to oversized and abstract. Something for everyone that might want to indulge in a pot print.

I don’t tend to wear that much print (I’m less keen on something that could be obvious where it comes from – there are of course exceptions to this rule and often featured in these blogs… contrary, much?)
In embracing current/new trends that I might want a piece of the action of, I often start from the feet up and go from there, or from an accessory – a scarf maybe. I’m kicking myself now for gorgeous flowy dresses that I didn’t buy because, well, I don’t really ‘do’ dresses. There’s a saying in there somewhere I’m sure. Horses, bolting, repenting at leisure.

Despite the summer sales going hell for leather (had you noticed?!) there are still plenty of Dot-tastic things about.

Shall we ease ourselves in? Perfect for the beach, for home and anywhere really. And COLOUR!!! Holy smoke and bubblygum.
Princess tam Tam x Uniqlo £9.90

Princess Tam Tam x Uniqlo flip flops £9.90

Another perfect for the beach/more casual times, and with a good supporting bra… I think boob tubes can be super flattering, if you have bigger boobs, or upper arms you’re less keen on getting out, or both – somehow a boob tube can help balance things out – honest, and this one with its more ruched look is un-restrictive is fab. Try it and see.
Next £12

Red Spotted Boobtube

Staying with a smaller spot… these look super easy.
H&M jersey wide leg trousers £8.99

H&M Spotty jersey trousers £8.99

Super cute sling-backs.
Next £35

Next sling back shoe £35

In this hot weather (I’m really not complaining) – this flowing jacket still looks smart; this has many summers in it.
Zara £19.99 (was £49.99)

Zara Flowing jacket £19.99, was £49.99

Or this more fitted Polka Dot Blazer from Anthropologie £98.

Anthropologie Polka Dot Blazer £98

This top with it’s fabulously over the top sleeves is a great way to dabble in the big-sleeve trend happening. And if you were to need a jacket to wear with this? No, not entirely sure either… but that is but mere details.
H&M £12.99

H&M Flounced sleeve blouse £12.99

I love the colour of the dots on this blouse… looks great with the jeans shown, or even just navy trousers/skirt?
Autograph £35

Autograph three quarter sleeve blouse £35

Love this – super cool and easy…
Printed Soft Shirt from Next £26

Next Soft printed spot shirt £26

Amazon’s own brands are curious. I’ve read good reviews about them, but haven’t ordered anything as yet.
‘Find’ have some interesting pieces, and I can see where ‘Truth & Fable’ are going with their line – I think the difficulty Amazon will need to overcome is that their website isn’t set up for clothes – there’s no flow, or story, and I don’t think it’s that easy to shop. I’m sure they will get there… in the meantime – this is lovely.
Truth & Fable £62

Truth & Fable Amazon maxi dress £62

This is so stunning in it’s simplicity – and you could have fun with accessories.
Mango Polka Dot Textured Maxi dress £79.99

Mango Polka Dot textured dress £79.99

Finally, going back to my roots, as ever, with some underwear; when shopping for the day job a couple of days ago I saw these… such pretty embroidery, and gorgeous colours which are fresh and happy making.
& Other Stories £13

& Other Stories Polka Dot briefs £13

Polka Dot Update. Done.


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