Missed a boat

Careless. This heat wave thing. (OK the last couple of days have been slightly, blissfully cooler), but it’s still warm.
My 95% black uniform isn’t always the most comfortable. I won’t lie, I’m struggling. And, despite my best informative efforts – I appear to have missed the boat with the dress thing and the wafty skirt thing… it’s not like I don’t spend however long actually looking at ‘stuff’ and ‘adding to basket’… seemingly just not actually pressing PAY NOW so I can at least try.

So anyway, let’s just call this a learning curve shall we?
So there is no more of this carelessness we shall be looking at Winter Coats next time. Well, may be not, but…

Wide leg trousers – you’re up.

We’ve discussed previously my dislike of the word ‘culottes’… so we shall call these wide leg cropped trousers. At the time of writing – these are selling like hot cakes, they are foil printed (yeah and?) they look great on. I had a meeting a couple of weeks ago with someone who was wearing them with black sandals and a white vest top and she looked amazing.

Next £42

Next Jersey foil culottes £42

I love these… colour – obvs. But despite all of the MC Hammerness of the actual trouser, that they are fitted to the waist = much more flattering.
Shoes? I’d wear trainers as here, or flat sandals… heels would be confusing.

Gap £34.99, were £49.95

Gap High Rise wide leg linen pants £34.99, were £49.95

Navy linen from M&S £25. Basic. Useful. Great.

M&S Pure Linen wide leg trousers £25

Or cropped from JW Anderson at Uniqlo £14.90, were £39.

JW Anderson for Uniqlo wide cropped trousers £14.90, were £39.90

Introducing a side stripe. I know.
Miss Selfridge £28.

Miss Selfridge yellow side stripe £28

Blush Striped wide leg trousers – pretty and smart.
Dorothy Perkins (sizes 8-24 too) £28

Dorothy Perkins Blush Stripe trousers £26

Brighter stripes from Topshop £39

Topshop Stripe Wide leg trousers £39

Monochrome from M&S £35

M&S Striped wide leg trouser £35

Easy Paisley from H&M £17.99
sizes 6-20.

H&M wide leg trousers £17.99

Florals from Dorothy Perkins… I never think to look at DP’s… but I cast the net far and wide for this look-see. These are lovely.
Dorothy Perkins £26 – these are part of the tall range – petite was also available…

Dorothy Perkins Tall printed trousers £26

Gorgeous greens from New Look £19.99 at Asos.

New Look Printed wide leg trousers £19.99

Finally… leopard with a red stripe… I couldn’t not finish with this boom!
New Look £24.99

New Look Leopard Side stripe wide leg trouser £24.99

So none of the above ended up being quite the hareem-esque – I’ve-spent-6-months-living-in-Thailand pants I had kind of been thinking about – but this is probably no bad thing, I think the above are probably all much more wearable for more situations.

I must also apologise for the slightly slower blogs in the last few weeks – the day job has been deadline central and whispers of possible ‘other’ days jobs have meant any spare times are spent working on ‘other stuff’ so I’m ready as and when someone might want to meet with me…

Right, time to look at winter coats…


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