Madness, its all madness

Look, Donald Trump has just been in the country – it’s all gone mad.
So, well, as I *jokingly* said in my last blog  (about missing out of wafty dresses and maxi skirts), so that I didn’t miss out next time (ie season), for the next blog I’d be looking at Winter Coats… OH NO… for some reason – I have thought that this is a good idea.

I think the heat may have sent some of us, ahem, a bit do-lally… especially as there is but one week left to go of school term, and the heat, and sleep deprivation AND Donald Trump’s henchmen that were flying low and loud military planes over where we live circling round and round and round…

I digress.

There’s a proviso with the coats I’m going to show… they are bargain-ious, classics and, ON SALE. (We are out of season in the UK for Winter Coats; I did some swoops on various brands and retailers – but if there was only two random sizes left, I’m not going to include them… it was the more high street stores and retailers that seemed to have more stock in a wider range of sizes, rather than higher end/serious investment pieces.)

For many of these coats, if these were for sale in an actual real life shop I’d be prepared to go in and make an offer. They’re not. But you can put them in your basket and press buy now… and come September/October be smug as hell.

No. I’ve never done this either. In. My. Dreams.

This Great Plains one calls to me. Love it. I yearn to have a ‘coat collection’ as opposed to 1-2 at a push 3 I wear in rotation.

Not many sizes left now Great Plains, Spruce Green £75

Great Plains, Spruce Green £75

Love this print – Great Plains Cocoon Coat £45, was £145

Great Plains Selecta Zip Cocoon Coat £45, was £145

And in plain – Great Plains Shrewsbury Zip £45, was £150

Great Plains Shrewsbury Zip Coat £45, was £150

Plain again, brushing aside the practicalities of a pale coat.
Asos Slim Coat in Wool £45, was £75

Asos Slim coat in Wool, £45, was £75

Embrace your inner Meghan Markle.
Asos Belted 80’s Coat with Batwing Sleeves £68, was £85. 

Asos 80's belted coat £68, was £85

H&M £39.99, was £79.99

H&M Wool-blend coat £40, was £79.99

This is also a bit funky… I like it. Big black sunglasses are required with this; to be worn at all times.
H&M £24.99 felted jacket, was £59.99

H&M Felted jacket £24, was £59.99

Great Plains Cocoon Coat in City Scribble £34, was £85

Great Plains, Cocoon Coat £34, was £85

Oversized coat in Textured Fabric from Asos £72, was £90

Asos Oversized Coat £72, was £90

This is a grown up option – great for smarter occasions…
Phase Eight; £139, was £210

Phase Eight £139, was £210

Some colour… I’m not as adventurous with colour as I’d like to be – we all have to have goals, but I see where a coat in ‘A Colour’ could be great…

This M&S collarless one is a good bet…
£58, was £129

M&S belted coat £78, was £119And finally this belted green one from Asos… navy accessories? Boom.
Asos D-ring belted long coat, £30, was £78

Asos Green D-ring Belted long coat £30, was £75

Right, this nonsensical itch has now been scratched…
It’s still HOT, and in trying to catch up with myself, Mr Evole-Edit and I are now looking at holidays… no, alas, we are never going to be the people that book our holidays in January either.

Hummm I sense a reoccurring procrastinating theme happening of leaving things to the last minute. Dammit. Naaaa – let’s call it living life on the edge – got a far better ring to it.

Keep Cool.
See you soon xx

PS: melted lollipop image cutesy of Pinterest.

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