Camp as a row of…

Tents. It’s the annual camp-fest this coming weekend… friends gather from far and wide and we sit in a field (drink in hand, obv’s) catching up on the last however long with fairy light be-decked tents, whilst the children run wild in ditches and woods and turn feral and dread-locky. It is quite simply the best of times. (This is once we’ve recovered from the arguments, tears and threats of divorce in trying to pack the car with the mutterings of ‘all of this stuff for 3 sleeps’… etc etc…)

We, The Camping Crew, made up of six families met when our eldest offspring were between 11 and 2 weeks old… we met at a Health Centre drop-in group for new mums, I think we all had somewhat of a glazed panic stricken look about us but somehow navigated towards each other. We were, and still are in parts, each other’s life lines, some of us still live near each other, some have moved to ‘other parts’… But we were going through ‘it’ at the same time at the same time then; those bonds don’t alter.
The children all click straight back in to place when they meet up… and now it’s girls v boys. Boys v girls. The usual.

Presently, the grown ups are all eagerly checking the weather to see if it WILL. COOL. DOWN. Because how will we keep the bubbles and beer cold otherwise – important factors to be considered.
I recall some time ago bemoaning where was the summer, where was the sun – it could please pop along at any time. I retract that memo with immediate effect. Actually, well, we’ve done muddy camping and that’s just jeffing miserable after a while. Hot n sunny is better. Next Tuesday will be fine.

Oh God. Latest weather check, after the scorchio 34 degrees planned today, then it’s THUNDERY SHOWERS forecast. Great for the tent peg putting in situ. NOT GREAT, because I don’t do rain coats

Camping essentials.
Layers. Peel off. Add on.
Boob tubes, spaghetti straps, off the shoulder numbers or strapless dresses all very useful for when it’s not so scorchio that we can venture out from under the essential gazebo to  gently tan/fry shoulders & arms etc

This is lovely…
Next Bardot off the shoulder top £15

Monochrome Stripe Bardot Top £15

I was hoping to be able to include some other fabulous boob tube type numbers, but things are pretty scarce on the interweb now… I think that actual real life shop visits may be required.

This is also a pretty and useful top… the print (which yes, I know I’m usually scared of, could hide a multitude of spills… she says whilst scrawling ‘Vanish’ on The Camping List). Next £15

Next Shirred hem top £15

Girl Power for the girl gang. (For grown ups… though a mini-me version is also available.)
Mutha.Hood Strong Girls Club £23

Muthahood Strong Girls Club tee £23

At night time, in the past, it’s been cold. To get ready for bed can be too extreme to completely get undressed. A simple un-hooking of the bra can solve an uncomfortable night… next morning, simply hook up. Slovenly yes. Do I care? Not really. This bralette has hooks and eyes… some bralettes are pull on – no messing with fastening needed.
M&S lace bralet £14

M&S Non wire bralet £14

Camping Rule #1; Aside from the drill instilled in the smalls – ‘Never leave a man down’ when they’re wandering free by themselves; all of them got it, except my wander-lusty more free spirited some might say, son… Testing.

Camping Rule #2; Never get cold at camping. We’ll be needing hoodies/sweat shirts. A dabble in the lilac trend at a very appealing £12 perhaps?
H&M Hooded top £12

H&M Hooded top £12

Though this is undoubtedly more apt… love this.
Bon Vintage, fwp by Rae £39

FWP by Rae, Bon Vintage Sweat shirt £39

For when it gets cooler in the evenings… comfy joggers… these can double up easily as pj’s and can be happily worn about outside without looking too pj-y…
You can never go wrong with leopard print. Fact.
Next £20

Next Jersey Joggers £20

Jersey Joggers from H&M £8.99 in fashionable black.

H&M Jersey Joggers £8.99

Or these Supersoft Joggers, from Next £22. (Yes, Next are rocking it.)

Next Supersoft Joggers £22

I refuse to take wellie boots on this trip; though they’ve been previously essential on other trips… after this heatwave?
No. not playing. Scruffy trainers are welcome. And flip flops which are essential for general mooching and The Showers.
Apparently there are other brands. And other colours. I’ll take mine in black.
Havainanas Slim Flip Flops £24

Havaianas Slim Flip Flop black £24

We usually have a day trip to a beach where the smalls (& sometimes mad grown ups) play in the crashing waves… whilst the rest of us snooze off our fish & chips tag teaming keeping an eye on the smalls. A bag for all things beachy is needed. This one folds into a pocket.
& Other Stories Striped Duffel bag £27

& Other Stories Striped Duffle Tote £27

Ice creams will be requested approximately every 24 minutes by one of the smalls. Though it’s a fair enough payment if they’ve done the washing up… This purse won’t get lost in the mayhem…
& Other Stories, £13, was £23

& Other Stories £13, was £23

Back in the day. Before the Global Warming Heat Wave, it used to get chilly in the evening and a jacket was required whilst sat around the campfire… not sure we’ll be needing a fire for heat this time. (Yes I know the weather is apparently changing, can’t believe it. Yet.)
This could work… very fitting too – camo in the woods…
H&M Utility Jacket £24.99

H&M Utility Jacket £24.99

Socks might be needed to avert the evening time midges nipping around ankles… these will fool them; ankle and toes won’t even be seen…. Cunning.
Topshop £3.50

Topshop Camoflage Sporty Tube Socks £3.50

Finally, so as not to feel as inevitably scummy as I/we will, I like to paint my nails (applying and repairing at will with blobs to cover any chips)… I won’t lie – I’m a sucker for a nail polish free with a magazine – like a gift within a gift.
Failing that – I *could* buy one…
Nails Inc in St James, from Boots £14.

Nails Inc St James, Boots £14

Happy camping. See you on the other side.



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