Orange is the new black…

But perhaps we knew that?

I’ve got a really big meeting this week, I’m excited about it and nervous, and am really working on my I CAN DO THIS frame of mind (I know I can do it, I have to convince them I can do it…) I’ve been doing the work, done the research. And I’ve just about planned my outfit.

Apparently, it’s going to be a a toasty 31 degrees when I have this meeting – that does sort of inhibit what I can wear – a jacket was briefly considered and discarded, too hot, because what to wear under it.

So my trusty black Hush Jumpsuit is once again going to step up. One Piece dressing.
I know, I know, so many of you have got this sorted already… next summer I’m going to be all over the situation, just you wait.

Accessories though…? Well, orange – obvs. Erm, no, not necessarily obvs.
Do we need orange things, do we even like orange?
Well, time to get sharp, because it’s everywhere folks.

It shouldn’t, but it does surprise me when the ‘entire high street’ all bring out a united look or colour and it’s then very apparent when actually visiting real life shops that there is a theme occurring. But where did it come from?

I work in the fashion industry – but I work a year or so in advance, I’m now designing for July next summer. I have to have a sort of automatic shut down once something is designed, fitted and bought and move on to the next trend, theme, season etc because otherwise my head will explode. (Hummm, I’ve just looked back to what I was working on a year ago… there are shots and high lights of orange planned for around now – hurrah).

How trends come about is for another day… in the meantime.

Orange in big bright and vibrant shades through to darker rusty hues.
Orange is a great mid way colour… if we’ve been wearing denim and white shirts over the summer, orange is a great pop and ding to add in with earrings or a bag perhaps. (Also – hello with Navy coats… tan boots should the heat wave ever pass.)

I bought this bag the other day. Cross body = hands free, check. Roomy = check. Non-branded = check. Loving it? YES.
Topshop Leila Clutch bag £18

Topshop Leila clutch bag £18

Monsoon have this, also fab.
Penelope Patch Pocket Cross over bag £29

Monsoon Penelope bag £29

 Per Una embroidered Bardot top £29.50

M&S Per Una Embroidered Bardot Top £29.50

Or this M&S Curve floral kimono print top – infinite uses £39.50

M&S Curve Floral Print sleeve kimono top £39.50

I went into the Arket store and fell in love with too many things… I need to pay more attention to what they’re doing. I think the store is better than online (oh and don’t start me on the homeware, love…).
This dress is perfect for now, and layered up later, you know when…

Arket Fluid draws string silk dress £99

Arket Fluid Drawstring Dress £99

Brighter orange at Cos. How happy making is this?
Cos Tie-detailed A-line dress £69

Cos Tie-detailed A-line dress £69

& Other Stories Trio Suede Strap sandals £59

& Other Stories Trio Suede strap sandals £59

This colour skirt is called Rust… great for now and even better for autumn.
& Other Stories Satin Wrap Skirt £59

& Other Stories Satin Wrap Maxi Skirt £59

These tortoiseshell earrings could work so beautifully with this skirt…
Topshop Tortoise shell stud earrings £7.50

Topshop Tortoiseshell Stud Earrings £7.50

I love this; styled super simply and upgrading a great everyday look.
Per Una Double breasted trench coat £79

M&S Per Una double breasted trench coat £79

These are super fabulous.
Mango resin rectangle earrings at Asos £12.99

Mango at Asos Resin earrings £12.99And finally… endlessly and always cool. Oh I long to be able to wear trainers again…
& Other Stories Adidas Campus Sneakers £80

& Other Stories Adidas Campus Sneakers £80

So. Is orange the new black?
No. Never. But I’m very happy to wear some along side black, and quite often I think.


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