Interview technique

Life, work, school holidays, trying to book a holiday (don’t ask) has all meant a somewhat delayed follow up to my last post. We’re now at the point in the school summer holidays of partially wondering where the time has gone, when will the darlings return to school and crikey we haven’t done half the things we thought we would have done… hummmm.

I had a Really Important Meeting nearly two weeks ago. It went well.
They said towards the end of the meeting that they’d like me to meet the person I’d be working for next time she’s in the UK; in a few weeks. It’s a little bit exciting to say the least.
I’m not sure what to think at the moment because I don’t really know what the job might entail, they don’t either – it’s all dependant on who they meet. I do know that I’d be mainly working from home, but then travelling quite a bit too. So that’s something to get my head around and work out how we figure that all into the equation of child care etc should, you know, I get it.

I wore my standard fair black to it… highlighted with grey/check and new orange bag. (The jumpsuit was ironed I promise.)

Emma's interview Outfit
Shoes; Zara, Jumpsuit; Hush Clothing, Sunglasses; old, Earrings; Oliver Bonas, Clutch bag; Topshop.

The Zara shoes were I’d had on stand-by when the promise of the meeting had been looming.
As with most Zara shoes I’ve found – I needed to size up… I love the shoes, but they didn’t love me. They ripped my feet to shreds (note to self, derrr, WEAR SHOES IN BEFORE AN INTERVIEW)… This is of course after a summer where I’ve barely switched gear from flip flops. Even so… they may need to be eBayed; I’m not sure I’d dare wear them again.

So having talked so much about the long hot summer, it appears maybe it was all a dream? Where has it gone we’ve now had over a week of more of a normal British summer and I miss the heat and the sun and the perma sweaty top lip – really I do.

But the dilemma I have is what might I wear to Round Two Of Important Meetings? I am naturally more of an autumn/winter person… boots, jumpers, scarves, you name it – I’m there. And now the weather has become undoubtedly more British mid (friggin) August my thoughts are steaming ahead to autumn and the excuse to wear boots and layers.

So, supposing you had An Important Meeting, what might you want to wear to feel good, comfortable, current and well, forgive the phrase – but the ‘best you’? (Barf.)

I’ve had a bit of a look about to see who’s doing what for smart-type-events… these are, I think, wardrobe staples.
The power of the accessory is strong though to add a bit of… oomph. The new Autumn winter ranges are dropping into store and online now… ridiculously exciting.

I don’t have the need to wear smart jackets/blazers so often these days, but I like to have them as fall backs. Mine are predominantly black (she says struggling to think… yes, I have ONE that isn’t black, it’s cream…. oh and an ancient black with chalk pin stripe that must be at least 15 years old from Topshop. Get In. Perhaps not as stuck in my ways as I thought. Well. Maybe.)

This one below is from Hush. It’s beautiful and already causing a bit of a storm on the interweb as various people have picked up on this already as well. it has a dash of red, perfect to pull out with an accessory of some sort… bag, boots, lipstick

Hush, Chrissie check blazer £89

Hush Chrissie Check Blazer £89

I flipping love the styling of the whole outfit above… not sure leather strides are really me (dammit). If I could, I would (though not for an interview, it’s not ‘that’ sort of job.)
I’d do these below though.

Zara Skinny Piped trousers £25.99

Zara skinny piped trousers £25.99

The boots, oh the boots, back in the day I would have done, and been at the shoe menders every 10 days to have them re-heeled.
Jeez I remember thinking there would NEVER be a time when I didn’t wear silly heels… the same when I imagined there would never be a time when I didn’t know what Number 1 in the charts was. Things have, erm, changed.

These boots are still ace though, these are maybe more me nowadays… a (ahem, walk-able) block heel. I love the element of spice with them though with the front lacing.
Topshop Harriet Lace Up boots £85 

Topshop Harriet Lace up Boots £85

I remember when I first starting working and therefore had my own cash the countless conversations I would have with my mum post a shopping trip and either one of us might describe having bought something as being ‘very dark pink’ knowing full well the other had bought something in black, because, in my case and opinion, it went with all of my other black.

But not all black dyes are created equal – man made fabrics are dyed at much higher temperatures so tend to hold their colour longer than natural fibres which can start to fade. Natural fibre fabrics need different dyes stuffs and need to be dyed at lower temperatures otherwise the actual fabric would break down.
So whilst I maybe don’t ‘do’ so much colour, texture is something we can all play with – layering on different fabrics of the same colour.

This is in fact navy (but a very dark navy) – this is one of those jackets that will sit in wardrobe and could be the perfect go-to for numerous occasions. An interview, to the pub, to a wedding.
Next Fringe Jacket £55

Next Navy fringe jacket £55

The length and proportion of this jacket would be great with these cropped trousers to balance things out.
Jigsaw cropped trousers £98 in navy.

Jigsaw Sports Luxe Wide leg crop trousers £98

The trousers above look great with trainers, but also I think, for smarter occasions they’d work with something like these… these are in fact dark purple – how gorgeous with navy?
M&S Leather High Cut Point heel shoe £49.50  (If only they did them in white as well though…)

M&S Leather High Cut Point Court Shoes £49.50

The accessories we wear can add ooomph an outfit – they can literally elevate it, and create a talking point or ice breaker – which can be particularly useful in a first meeting/interview situation.

These are from a fabulously curated online store called Studio B – they do good Instagram too.
Studio B Red Patch Night Time Earrings £23

Studio B Red Square Patch Night Time Holiday earrings £23

A jumpsuit is my safe-place. This is Somerset by Alice Temperley at  John Lewis £99.

Somerset by Alice Temperly at John Lewis £99

Or this shorter length wide leg version – the ruched shoulder is what called to me.
Warehouse Ruched Shoulder Jumpsuit £65

Warehouse ruched shoulder jumpsuit £65

Add some interest with these snake skin effect sling backs perhaps?
M&S Leather Kitten heel sling backs £49.50

M&S leather kitten heel sling back court shoe £45

This shirt with embroidery inserts is too good to hide under a jacket…
John Lewis Crochet Insert shirt £59

John Lewis Collar Crotchet Lace insert shirt £59

I’d wear it with this though.
M&S Collection Striped Double Breasted blazer £79

M&S Collection striped doubled breasted blazer £79

Whilst white shirts and blazers look brilliant together, but for me there has to be a jarring factor, or something to break up the almost anonymous aspect of them.
I’d go for these, and in the colour of the season; lilac… resin based jewellery is everywhere right now; these could add something to and outfit to stop someone from thinking they could ask you for the bill. Awkward.

Jigsaw Resin Hoop Earrings £30.

Jigsaw Lilac Resin Hoop earrings £30

See you soon xx

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