Jumpers for goal posts…

Knitwear is hot. Like right now. It’s everywhere and pretty damned splendid this season.
There is something out there for every budget… dreamiest cashmere, to wool mix, to cotton, to something with not a drop of natural anything in it, that still looks great; I think the high street has done us proud.

You may have gathered, I’m not really one for in and out fashion as it were, I prefer and want more classic, longer lasting pieces in my wardrobe – it makes getting dressed easier for me, just adding in nods here and there to what is happening trend wise as and when I *need* to.

You will no doubt have read, seen and heard about what we all need to do, to each do our bit to help the environment, reduce water use, reduce waste, reduce our carbon foot print, buy less, buy better; it’s all exhausting for us, and the planet.

Livia Firth is a founder and Creative Director of a company called Eco-age – a Sustainability Consultancy that work with major players from designers to the high street on how to implement better practises across their whole company ‘for the mutual benefit of people and the planet’.

I associate the hashtag #30wears with Eco-age (huge apologies to all/anyone if I got that wrong.) The idea behind the hashtag, as I understand it, is for us to think, every time we look to buy something is that it will be something we’ll wear at least 30 times. Makes you think doesn’t it? I’ve without doubt got things I’ve worn soooo much way beyond that… some less so, but, you know, we try.

Like many people, as well as things I wear year round, I also have things that I put away/get out depending on the season, jumpers being one thing. I’d say they would generally get #30wears at least, over their life times.
(There’s the hope always that each time you open up a box/bag/whatever, you rediscover past gems, of hopefully good taste, to liven up your wardrobe for the new season. Also, I found, the perfect time to slip in any new items… ‘ooh I don’t even remember buying this last year’. They’ll be a reason for that.)

Crikey, this is a round about way to get to jumpers of interest, or to use for goal posts… Right now, Fair Isle jumpers are coming out as it were, it’s the time of year; Autumn.

Fair Isle. Available in a myriad of different options, these are my favourites.

This is the first one that caught my eye. I love this, great with denim. Saying that… also great with a pencil skirt, or smarter trousers. In fact, it can work all over the place. I’d (ideally) just look to pull out one of the colours to match (ish) a bag or earrings with.
Pub with roaring fire, optional.
Monsoon Melissa Multicoloured Fair Isle Jumper £55

Monsoon Melissa fair isle jumper £55

There are lots of gorgeous berry tones around as well… like this one from
Warehouse £42

Warehouse Fair Isle Jumper £42

Berry, but with a paler ground, and trumpet sleeves
& Other Stories Fair Isle Knit Sweater £69

& Other Stories Fair isle Knit Sweater £69

Let’s take the mustard out of the jumper above and oomph it – a colour of the season, at one level, but I think this is a colour that isn’t going to go anywhere fast (these mustard and brown tones have been building for a while, they are going to stick around).
Topshop Fair Isle Jumper £42

Topshop Fair Mustard isle jumper £45

As bright, but pinks… I love this, in truth it might be too bright for me, but I think it’s gorgeous. (How good with a black A-line skirt?)
Oasis Abigail Fair Isle Jumper £42

Oasis Aibigail Fairisle Jumper £42

Softer in tone, more traditional maybe?
Gap Fair Isle Crew Neck Sweater £54.95 (remember the possible discounts if you sign up for newsletters).

Gap Fair Isle Crew neck Pullover Sweater £54.95

And in black… I think I might want a jazzy earring or something with this; I would no doubt wear it with black (jeans) as shown here, but I think it needs something….
Red lipstick would also work if you do red lipstick.

Gap Fair Isle Crewneck Pullover Sweater £54.95

This is without doubt a stunner – love it with the white shirt underneath.
French Connection Esme Fair Isle sweater £70

French Connection Esme Fair Isle Jumper £70

Finally, bearing in mind what I know about me… safety first and default settings; black and white. This could be where I dip my toe in, on the Fair isle stakes. I love this.
Next Fair Isle Jumper £32

Next Fair Isle sweater £32


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