Trick and/or treating

Yes, yes, yes, to wear black is my default setting.

I went out for dinner with a friend the other night – we were both in all black (bar my friend’s fabulous leopard print coat). We had the conversation about how, on (the rare) occasions when either of us is not wearing black, and we see some one who is, we feel somewhat annoyed that we’re not wearing head to toe black as well. It’s just how we roll; black goes with all of our other black.

Even if some blacks become slightly faded and washed out; altering the texture of the blacks being worn helps ease an unintentional faded piece; a textured knit, velvet, corduroy, silk etc etc. Or just always keep moving and be a bit of a blur.

Halloween is big in our household.
Since the now 11 year old was a baby we’ve been to a Halloween party; a tradition was started, that I don’t think my Leopard Printed Be-coated friend could dare or be allowed to stop yet.

The default for monochrome must run in the genes.

And this year?… The 11 year old is going as a Day of the Dead skeleton. Proud.

Trick or Treat,

I digress.
For us, Halloween is *almost* as big a thing for the grown ups as it is the kids. We know there will come a time when they don’t want to play and we will be embarrassing but, yeah, whatever. The grown ups of the original group will still gather, though maybe not dress up… as much.

But for now, what should WE wear to go Trick or Treating in I hear you ask?
Well, here are some ideas for Trick or Treating and beyond.

It’s going to be cold out there knocking on random doors… you’ll need a roll neck.
Next Roll Neck Jumper £18

Next Roll Neck Jumper £18

After extensive research we’ve found the only way to survive trick or treating is to have a hip flask/bottle of red & plastic cups in a bag.
Wipe clean trousers might be useful to wear as we dodge rampaging witches and ghouls on a sugar-highs. I had some coated cotton joggers from Gap a few years ago… they had more of a subtle sheen, than these fabulous high shine ones below…
I’m still tempted though (it’s worth clicking on the link for these to read the reviews of these, if you’re unsure… the reviewer from Bath…)
M&S Leather look straight leg joggers £35

M&S black leather look straight leg joggers £35

A stylish cross body bag for Trick or Treating loot?
& Other Stories Buckle Cross Body bag £79

& Other Stories Buckle Cross body bag £79

I have harked on about a Hush Jumpsuit that has served me so well, many many times before… this is this seasons offering; so wearable… great with trainers, brooms, or shoes or boots with a pointed toe…
Hush Vivian Jumpsuit £95

Hush Vivian Jumpsuit £95

Layers are always the way forward. This gilet/vest/whatever would look fabulous over knitwear, a denim jacket or biker.
Gap Faux Fur Vest £69.95

Gap Faux Fur Vest £69.95

Warmer still, I can confirm as I have this coat – it comes up big and I purposely bought this over sized to allow for big jumpers underneath. It is a true black, not as greyed off as it looks here. An amazing price too.
Uniqlo Fleece Long Sleeve tailored coat £34.90

Uniqlo Fleece lined long sleeve tailored coat £34.90

The word ‘fleece’ generally makes me twitch… this is the fleece up close… pretty good I think.

Uniqlo tailored Fleece coat £34.95

A perfect autumn/winter jacket, you can’t go too far wrong with a black velvet jacket; I think it’s an item that can get you out of many a ‘I have nothing to wear’ wardrobe situations. A perfect piece for wearing with jeans or smarter trousers, this sits just on the hip so would work with dresses/skirts too proportion wise.
Gap Velvet Blazer £84.95

Gap Velvet Blazer £84.95

Broom riding, work going, evenings out – these boots will lengthen your legs and keep them warm.
Zara Over the Knee flat boots £49.99

Zara Over the Knee flat boots £49.99

I think that these are just down-right saucy. And I’d like to think practical as well.
M&S Long leather gloves £49.99

M&S Long black leather gloves £55

Still not convinced? Well, I’ve got a previous incarnation of this sweatshirt below – this year might be it’s third outing. Quality.
H&M printed Sweatshirt £6.99

H&M Printed Sweatshirt £6.99

Happy trick AND treating xx

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