Scarves… big ones

There is no pleasing some people.
I *may* have been one of those people sort of muttering quietly to myself about it being so damn warm/hot in October and that I was wanting the weather to be ‘more normal’ so I could wear warmer things.

I saw actual real like grit on a train platform on Thursday. I mean really.

Last winter, you may recall we had a proper winter. Cold, snow, more snow, then BANG, we had a proper summer where it was so hot we all just wanted to do, if not, did, was sit around in our pants because it was too hot to do anything.

And now, well, we have been blessed with sunny days – but dang it’s cold the moment you step out of the sun. I don’t like drafts. Being cold makes me crotchety.

By complete contrast – I’ve just arrived in Hong Kong, it’s currently 27 degrees and clammy; what the ****? I’m here for work heading into China tomorrow for the rest of the week. Trying to pack of what to bring with me was a task… t-shirts, shirts and layers?? But sandals, puh; they are dead to me. Boots and Converse all the way.

It may well be hot, sweaty and clammy outside, but inside, it’s arctic air conditioning. I always bring with me my faithful scarves – a Mango oversized grey blanket scarf – perfect for the flight and taxis each way between home and airport (this is similar to mine). I also take lighter weight scarves that go with everything and can be used for multiple situations; around shoulders when chilly, a cover up in the sun, clearing up spills, hiding of spills etc etc. All the class.

I’ve banged on before – but accessories are a most brilliant way to tap in to a trend, update a look or even try some colour for not always the biggest of outlays.

These are some current fabulous ones out there…. the selection is quite heavy on check; this wasn’t intentional – just happened, you’ll see why.
Zara Soft Touch Checked Scarf £19.99

Zara Soft Touch Checked Scarf £19.99

Note the above and below scarf – checked AND worn with checked coats… clashing prints is a most glorious thing. I’m not a big wearer of prints myself, though I love them on others… if you can clash, please do even more so, for those of us that don’t so much.
I love the more traditional (?) colours of this scarf, then mixed with the wine red coat.
Zara Checked Scarf £19.99

Zara checked scarf £19.99

All the brights here, but then knocked back with the camel trench.
Accessorize Borough Checked Blanket Scarf £16, was £20

Accessorize Borough Check Blanket Scarf £16, was £20

The colours of this are sooooo beautiful – perfect with navy, black or grey coats.
French Connection Fifi Checked Scarf £55

French Connection Fifi Checked Scarf £55

Jigsaw Checked Wool Scarf £80. Gorgeous grape tones.

Jigsaw Block Wool Scarf £80

So if checks aren’t your thing… this is available in a few colours – all gorgeous.
Mango Textured Maxi Scarf £29.99

Mango Textured Maxi Scarf £29.99

A different shade of animal?
Next Blue Animal Scarf £18

Next Blue Animal Print Scarf £18

This is so delicious – especially for animal but fresher somehow for the colour pop/bang. This is a for-life keeper.
Lily & Lionel Kitty Emerald Scarf £140

Lily & Lionel Kitty Emerald Scarf £140

Or Zebra in chocolate/black tones – this is 55cm x 185cm
M&S Animal Print Scarf £22.50

M&S Animal Print Scarf £22.50

Finally, similar but bigger in Black Cherry/Wine tones and 100cm x 200cm
Hush Zebra Scarf £49

Hush Zebra Scarf £49

I’m feeling warmer, cooler, more wrapped up, more jet-lagged, more confused already, how are you doing?! xx

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