Velvet & Velour

So what is the difference between velvet and velour? (And does anyone care?)

 – Velvet; a closely woven fabric of silk, cotton, or nylon, that has a thick short pile on one side
 – Velour; a plush woven fabric resembling velvet, used for soft furnishings, casual clothing, and hats
 – Devoré; a velvet fabric with a pattern formed by burning the pile away with acid

All Clear? Then let’s crack on. 
Is there a fabric that feels more winter-y and party-ish than velvet?
I’ve mentioned before that I’ve got some velvet-y things in my wardrobe that I’ve had for years…

A velvet jacket – that was either Topshop or Dorothy Perkins which I bought when in my first job 200 years ago – it’s actually aged well, the shape was so classic that it still works now.

Another velvet piece that I have is a velvet devoré scarf which my mum bought be 10+ years ago? I loved it from the start, but it was a piece that I needed to grow into, if that makes sense. I may only wear it however many times for two months of the year, but it’s gorgeous and instantly ooomphs an outfit; it will be kept forever, or until the daughter most likely tries to steal it…

Despite being a most fabulous party-ish type fabric – velvet (& it’s oft cheaper cousin, velour) is perfect whenever, and however, I think. I have a couple of velour sweatshirts that are perfect year round, when something cosy is required.

Not all velvets are created equal… a cotton velvet can be more firm (great for jackets, blazers & trousers that need more structure) and can be more matt in appearance.
A velvet with a silk content can have more of a lustrous sheen, and a weight and drape to it that looks and feels luxurious; and in black can look so very very black.
Cheaper velvet fabrics can still look fabulous – though sometimes the sheen on it can be a little bright – but it’s much easier to care for and moths won’t eat it, so every cloud and all that.

This perfect Sunday dressing, and beyond.
H&M velour hoodie £17.99


A more up-spec animal print devoré sweat shirt style…
& Other Stories Animal Print Pull Over £49

& Other Stories Animal Print Pull Over £49

I go on, on repeat, about easy dressing and dressing things up and down to suit whatever the occassion; I need hard working items.
Velvet in the simplest of shapes will serve you well. For Years. Such as…

Cos Velvet tee (other colours available, but in limited sizes).
Cos Short-Sleeved Velvet Top £59 


M&S Velvet Half Sleeve Velvet Shell top with Silk £49.50

M&S Half Sleeve Velvet Shell Top £49.50

Gap have this dress, perfect on it’s own, or worn over slim trousers. (This is also available in black. Phew.)
Gap Ruffle-Sleeved Dress £54.95 (remember the newsletters/promotions for serious price reductions.)


Utterly gorgeous here from Anthropologie. This could even make me not wear black… this is longish with a dipped hem too. 
Anthropologie Festive Trimmed cami £78


Staying with ‘Not black’ for a few more moments… whilst I’m all for black, something about Midnight blue velvet is so delicious in how it catches the light.
…And in jumpsuit form. 
Monsoon Missy Jumpsuit £99

monsoon-missy-velvet-jumpsuit1 £99

Wine Red pleated Velvet – stunning. (Limited availability now online – but try on the John Lewis & Partners website or in store…)
Hush Esme skirt £65

Hush Esme Pleated Skirt £65

Wine again in Blazer form… and, or as a trouser suit. Fabulous.
Monsoon Louise Velvet Blazer £80

Monsoon Louise Velvet Blazer £80

I was going to slip a black velvet blazer in here. But found this grey one… it is also available in black (& red) – but I thought this grey was so lovely, and could be so easily overlooked…
John Lewis & Partners Velvet Blazer, Grey £130


Here it is in black in case you needed convincing.
John Lewis & Partners Velvet Blazer £130


Arket Wide trousers £99. Velvet with satin – could this be more gla-moor?

Arket Wide Trousers £99

Did someone say jumpsuit? No? Oh well, here are some anyway.
H&M Velvet Jumpsuit £34.99

H&M Velvet Jumpsuit £34.99

Cropped Wide leg, great with heels as shown here, but also how about with long slim knee high boots (= no drafts) ?
Gap Velvet Tie-Waist Jumpsuit £85.95

Gap Velvet Tie Jumpsuit £84.95

Gorgeous gold detailing around the belt part here that shouts festive.
Monsoon Vicky Velour Jumpsuit £80


A velvet scarf with tassles of dreams…
& Other Stories Velvet Fringe Scarf £27


Finally, a stunning Embroidered velvet kimono; perfect for day and night. A forever-keeper I think.
Topshop Velvet embellished Kimono £69



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