Ear, ear?

I do go on a bit about a jazzy earring (or two), that could lift an outfit, and that perhaps sometimes, earrings can take that there same outfit from day to evening time just like that; so I thought it about time to give you a quick review of some fabulous earrings out there.
(For you, or for someone you like/like a lot/love/admire. Delete as applicable.)

The juggle is real isn’t it at this time of year in particular? When we can all get so time poor because we’re trying to fit in 62 different things in ‘Before Christmas’ and that’s just this week… (why do we do this to ourselves?)
So in looking at earrings that could, (perhaps along with a little make-up refresh) make an existing outfit be night-time-ready so we can be good to go in a mo to wherever has the Prosecco flowing.

So with no time to loose (for we simply don’t have time!) here are 10 of the best/jazzy/sparkly/up-lifty earrings out there.

Tassel earrings have been a mainstay for a while. I bought a black
(shock) pair last Christmassy time – and they’ve served me well throughout the year – and they’ll keep going now too. Even though they’re long/big – they’re somehow not too shouty…

1 – These are H&M Long Earrings – 16cm long £9.99

2 – Black again – how beautifully simple are these? Up-do, optional.
J Crew Ribbon-Wrapped Hoop Earrings £29.50

3 – The colour is not only gorgeous the shape and scale is just right too (as is the sweater shown here)… these earrings could look amazing with the simplest of outfits – add these and boom; modern and slick done.
Jigsaw Resin Triangle Earrings £30

Jigsaw Resin Triangle Earrings £30

4 – Pico The Store I found via Instagram and have been following for a while. Such beautiful designs with the lightest of touches.
Pico The Store Wavy Earrings £23

Pico The Store Wavy Earring £23

5 – Statement earrings – but finer and more delicate.
Anthropologie Imani Teardrop Hoop Earrings £34

Anthropologie Imani Teardrop Hoop Earring £34

6 – Another fine, literally, pair in silver this time – these are so beautiful. Not shouty or big or clever, but simple and elegant. Love.
Oliver Bonas Ninani Long Thread Through Silver Earrings £12

Oliver Bonas Ninani Long Thread Through Silver Earrings £12

7 – These are amazing. I love these… though dance in these with caution – any wild movements and you may take your eye out…
Urban Outfitters Gold Crystal Drop Earrings £14

Urban Outfitters Gold Crystal Drop Earrings £14

8 – These would look fabulous with anything from a white shirt to softest knitwear.
Next Gunmetal Jewelled Statement Earrings £14

Next Gunmetal Jewelled Statement Earrings £14

9 – Crystal and coloured… a statement earring that goes UP the ear… these are SO pretty. (In other photos the colours are slightly brighter than shown here, but here you can see the scale.)
Hush Rainbow Ear Climber £34

Hush Rainbow Ear Climber £34

10 – Finally – these STUNNING earrings, are the earrings of dreams… they could oomph the simplest of outfits (or the busiest of prints as well come to think of it).
Now, if only an invite of somewhere to wear them to… Mr E-E I’m ready… ish.
J Crew Crystal and Pearl Chandelier Earrings £65

J Crew Crystal & Pearl chandelier earrings £65

What’s your outfit quick fix when you need to oomph it in a rush? Can earrings along do it for you?!


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