A Thoughtful Christmas Shopping Gift Guide

Are you feeling Christmas-sy yet?
Are you playing Christmas music and singing along or groaning with a rising sense of panic?
This last weekend could possibly have been a big Christmas Shopping weekend, but if you’re still scratching you head about what to buy Auntie Mary, or your teenage nephew Simon… here are some of the things I’m contemplating that could be a starting place for you too…

Bearing everything going on in the world right now – I’m surmising that this is what we need to be aware of when contemplating our Christmas shopping;
Brexit, deal or no deal, climate change, wild fires, riots and protesters, global warming, rising sea levels, and stranded whales. We need to shop locally, support small businesses, be sustainable, not waste food, eat less meat, donate to food banks, donate to beauty banks, end period poverty, recycle, re-use, buy better, buy less.
Don’t overspend, buy everything. AND DO THE RIGHT THING.

Maybe I need to unsubscribe to some email newsletters to stop the bombardment to my inbox and constant pressure to donate to this good cause, support that and buy buy buy (says the writer of blog-posts about buying clothes ‘n’ stuff….) Yeah, I know.

I’ve had previous Christmas’s where perhaps I’ve got caught up with the buy buy buy feeling and ended up with a groaning debit AND credit card (& did they ever get fully paid off? Moving on). This Christmas I’m trying to say ‘no’ to that and buy a bit more thoughtfully and not buy the for-comedy-value-amuse-for-five-minutes then forget type gifts.

Maybe it is the current mood, or my current mood, but I want to think about sustainability and responsibility with my gift-buying – and also if I get a great idea for something then I love to milk it until I can gift it no more. My family and friends on the receiving end of gifts this year will be receiving gifts that a) are useful b) ideally beautiful and as well c) ideally doing some good somewhere down the line…
And without sounding like a tight-a**e, patronising, smug pants I will feel good in giving gifts that can help the environment/a charity/small business/brand in some way, how ever small.
Dang that sounds so self-righteous. I’ll shush – let’s crack on! 

We’re all doing much better with remembering to take our own re-usable bags when we go shopping – if you, or a loved one had one of these, they’d never ever be forgotten to be taken.
Paperchase Super Future Rebel Lightning Bolt Shopper £8.40, was £12

Paperchase Super Future Rebel Lightning Bolt Shopper £8.40, was £12

This fold away bag would scrunch up beautifully in one’s handbag – and as it’s colourful there will be minimal rummaging to actually find it…
Paperchase Speckles foldaway shopper £5

Paperchase Speckles foldaway shopper £5

This a tote bag with a story.  Girl vs Cancer – a useful bag, but also 25% of each sale goes to various brilliant charities.
Girl vs Cancer Let Loose Tote £18

Girl vs Cancer Let Loose Tote Bag £18

I’m good at remembering bags when I go shopping, less so at taking travel mugs for train-journey-essential-coffee – but I’m working on it. Perhaps if I had a lovely one all of my very own…
Sara Miller Green Flamingo Thermal Flask £15

Sara Miller Green Flamingo Thermal Flask £15

This would work well with my Breton Top obsession… and it’s collapsible, so I’d be happy to receive it. Boom. (In thinking about gifts ‘for others’ – this is also cool enough for the teenage nephew…)
Stojo Black Pocket Cup at Urban Outfitters £14

Stojo Black Pocket Cup at Urban Outfitters £14

In remembering we should all be drinking 427 litres of water a day – but not wasting it, here’s a bang on trend GLASS water bottle that would sit beautifully in bag or on desk…
Urban Outfitters Leopard Print Glass Water Bottle £12

Urban Outfitters Leopard Print Glass Water Bottle £12

And whilst we’re at it, how about something brilliant as a lunch box – or for fridge storage.
Scout & Co. Design Letters – initial lunchbox £18

Scout & Co. Design Letters - initial lunchbox £18

Ninety Percent are a new-ish brand launched earlier this year – where, to quote, they are ‘trying something new; sharing 90% of our distributed profits between charitable causes and those who make our collection happen. We are striving to improve our social and environmental legacy with a new business model that reinvests our profits across a range of organisations that safeguard people and the planet.‘ Worth a look isn’t it?
For the striped Breton Top obsessed. Gorgeous.
Oh, and made from 100% organic cotton. Perfect for self-gifting too.
Ninety Percent Tri-colour-stripe long sleeve t-shirt £45

Ninety Percent Tri-colour-stripe long sleeve t-shirt £45

What do you know of Bamboo as a fabric? Here are some quick facts – Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world; Bamboo yields the same volume as cotton from 10% of the land area and only needs rain water to grow, very little, if any, additional water is ever required. It is also 100% biodegradable, anti bacterial, and blocks 97.% of of UV rays and is super soft.
Well hello then… these are from an online site BAM; Bamboo Clothing
Bam Clothing Yogi Bamboo Socks £15

Bam Clothing Yogi Bamboo Sock Box £20

The above socks were originally sold in a gift box (for £20) – but that’s now sold out… but for £5 you can buy this and pack them yourself… Beautiful.

Bam Clothing Yogi Bamboo Sock Box £5

Slippers are just-about-always a welcome gift to receive; these are rather lovely. Auntie Mary, done. And these are part of Oysho’s Join Life programme; these are made with at least 25% recycled material.
Oysho Women’s Velour slippers £19.99

Pyjamas are always a winner for Christmas – the 11 year old has dropped numerous unsubtle hints that she needs more… she’s too small for these right now, but they would be right up her street… or mine.
Oysho ‘Don’t Panic’ Long Sleeve Sweatshirt £25.99

Oysho 'Don't Panic' Long Sleeve Sweatshirt £25.99

Matching trousers…
Oysho Don’t Panic Trousers £25.99

Oysho 'Don't Panic Trousers £25.99

So how to wrap all of these fabulous gifts? I’m going to be using easy to recycle brown paper-esque papers as opposed to foil printed papers.
Perhaps like this from John Lewis…
John Lewis & Partners Kraft Wrap £4 for 5m

John Lewis & Partners Kraft Wrap £4 for 5m

Or this printed one for the smaller folk…
Paperchase Penguin wrapping paper £5 for 5meters… 3 for 2

Paperchase Penguin wrapping paper £5 for 5meters... 3 for 2

Finally, a can’t-help-but-smile inducing festive coloured jumper. A fabulous gift for someone you love, or, you. (85% organic cotton 15% polyester.)
FWP by Rae Bubbly Sweatshirt £39

FWP by Rae Bubbly Sweatshirt £39

I’ve gone on about shopping locally – but I appreciate I’ve listed lots of bigger high street names in here (as well as some smaller brands). I will also hold my hands up and say, Amazon have served me well so far as well this Christmas for things I couldn’t otherwise find locally, or the fact they deliver to me saving times, and maybe have the best price etc etc.
It’s perhaps as in all things about being conscious and thoughtful of what and where we’re spending our hard earned cash… and where we can, spending with smaller brands and stores so they’ll still be there when we need them.

Happy shopping where ever and however you may indulge.
I’d love to know if you are also the type of shopper who gets an idea and runs with it – for everyone; what’s your top tip for this Christmas… let me know in the comments box below…


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