Wear are we at?

Well hello, and wishing you a very happy and healthy new year to you and yours. I hope that you’ve made it through the festivities intact.

It’s been a while hasn’t it? The week before Christmas I ended up having the craziest of deadlines for the day job which nearly pushed me over the edge – but I made it. Let alone preparing for Christmas… oh the madness of the build up for two plus (?) days of loveliness… Then the weird bit between Christmas and New year when no one has any remote idea of what the day is or actually cares. Unless you have to go to work, in which case, I feel for you, ewwwww.

So have you had any luck/bargains in the sales? I did see and note some of the summer sandals/slides that got away last year…. was almost tempted to take advantage of the 50-60% offs – but in truth got over it; I need more instant gratification/wear ability if I’m going to invest.

New Year; it’s always a funny time – what do we want to wear, other than perhaps than a comfy tent to hide the mince pie muffin top? Well, we’ve got, as a saw a head line yesterday and an arctic blast on it’s way – so I’ve gone for comfort and layers in this blog post, spring colours or spring-ish things can wait. But maybe we need a tiny dash of colour to lift our moods – particularly if we’re lacking in some vitamin D.

Uncharacteristically the colours have drawn me in… must be the New Year or something. This jumper is gorgeous, and in the sale.
Me+Em funnel neck wool rib jumper in Burnt Orange £59, was £199

me+em funnel neck wool rib jumper in Burnt Orange £59, was £199

M&S have this bright one too; this is Chillie. (Also available in black, phew.)
M&S Round Neck Dolmain jumper £17.50

m&s round neck dolmain jumper £17.50

A full on jumper of colour too much?
What about introducing colour through this fab checked scarf (yes I’ve banged on about checked scarves before, but… )
Zara Check Scarf £12.99. was £17.99

zara check scarf £12.99, was £17.99

OK, final bright item, then we can tone it all back down to colour levels that aren’t so lively (read, possibly scary to some)… this is gorgeous, fact. Hours of fun could be had twiddling or even plaiting the fringy bits,
Mango Fringe leather bag £19.99, was £49.99

mango fringe leather bag £19.99, was £49.99

But how about an hint and subtle flash of colour? Me+Em trousers are much famed for their most excellent and flattering fit – these look effortlessly sophisticated and dress up and down-able. (V important.)
Me+Em Multi Stitch detail man pants £79, was £159

me+ em multi stitch detail man pant £79, was £159

And a close up of the multi stitch detail…

me+ em multi stitch detail man pant £79, was £159

Mango have a great (but fast selling) array of coats in their sale if you’re in the frame of mind for a new coat. I love this one.
Mango Checkered Wool-blend Coat £69.99, was £119.99

mango checkered wool-blend coat £69.99, was £199.99

Or how about this from Great Plains £80, was £160

great plains boucle double breasted coat £80, was £160

I’m all about the layering… this jumper has great potential.
Topshop long line jumper £39

topshop oversized long line jumper £39

This top underneath could help keep you toasty. Hate being cold. Hate it.
H&M jersey polo neck top £12.99

h&m jersey polo neck top £12.99

This sweater beautiful in it’s simplicity… I love this whole look, not entirely suited to my current lifestyle but… tone upon tone, upon tone…
Mango Funnel Neck Sweater £19.99, was £35.99

mango funnel neck sweater £19.99, was £35.99

OK – so the chance of me wearing white trousers is slim… but the yellowy-mustard scarf… hello. Now the one above from Mango is now out of stock… but I’ve found this. (How gorgeous with toned with browns & tans?)
Zara Soft Scarf £12.99 was £17.99

zara soft scarf £12.99, was £19.99

Finally – never forget the toes… these are black… photo looks a bit brownish. Don’t be put off.
Great Plains Tracker Faux Fur Leather boots £50, were £125

great plains tracker faux fur leather boots £50, were £125

Keep warm & see you soon xx

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