Hiker Boots

Let’s discuss.
Hiker Boots are not necessarily the prettiest boots on the market. But they are everywhere. And practical. I love practical.

I’m sat here now thinking about their redeeming features – there are many. In the way I can’t do tidy hair (has to be messy – ideally intentionally, not just slovenly-can’t-be-arsed-to-wash-it-type-messy-skanky) – but, I can’t happily wear an outfit that doesn’t have a slight spike to it that makes it less polished (or grown up?).
Hiker boots can do that for your otherwise smart/pretty/feminine etc look – they can toughen a pretty dress, look great with jeans. (But, craghoppers; naaa, always ill-advised.) Below are some Pinterest inspirations for outfits with Hiker Boots.
(Side note; when did Hiker Boots become Hiker not Hiking?)

hiker boots of pinterest

Last winter, with an impending ‘Snow Day’ (when school was closed – hurrah said the giddy smalls) I was left with an awkward situation; with needs that did not necessarily dictate a ‘fashion’ solution, I needed PRACTICAL. There was snow and ice already, and more was due, and with living on a hill with a lopsided path I needed the cleated sole (bumpy bit) of a boot to keep me upright (& so I could get me & the smalls round to a friends house so we could, erm, well, take solace and have a drink to get through the treacherous weather whilst the mad smalls had the time of their lives in the snow.)

Berska delivered – courtesy of inspiration from an article in The Pool a pair of hiker boots that I wore, sort of begrudgingly a few times last winter. I didn’t love them, but they served a purpose. This winter I’m loving them more – though I am going to lash out and pimp them with new some laces; details later.

There are lots of brilliant Hiker Boot options out there, for all budgets but they are selling through.

These are super cool – hiker boots, but also scratch the white-boot-itch.
H&M Pile Lined Hiker Boots £29.99

h&m pile lined boots £29.99

Similar but in black leather.
Aldo at Next lace up Hiker boots £110

Sturdy AND navy. I like these. A lot. And red laces. COLOUR.
Tommy Hilfiger Hiker Boots £95

zalando tommy hilfiger hiker boots £90.99

Shall we talk pimping of laces? I think so.
Shoestring Laces have been brought to my attention via the wonders of Instagram.
So, in how we might update an outfit with the addition of a jazzy earring… how about a funky lace for our fashion singular boots? Yes, yes time is needed to thread the damn things BUT, it’s *almost* like getting a new pair of boots. (I saw someone with neon orange laces in their black hiker boots the other day; they looked epic.)

shoestring laces on evolve-edit

All of the above are by Shoestring Laces…
1 – Red round laces £1.50-£1.70
2 – Walking black/white diamond laces £3.50
3 – Mosaic sneaker lace in yellow/blue £3.34
4 – Mosaic sneaker laces in black/white £3.34
5 – Walking Purple/Black Dog tooth laces £3.50

Moving on, Hiker boots that are slightly longer up the leg and with a higher heel; these are slightly more ladylike I think if you’re unsure of the more masculine look of many hiker boots.
Dune Pico Suede Hiker Boots £150

dune pico suede hiker boots £150

Hiker boots with funky soles…
Office at Next Hiker Boots £85

office at next, hiker boots £85

With chain, buckle and stud detailing.
Bershka black ankle boots with chains £49.99

bershka black ankle boots with chains £49.99

Simpler but oozing a kind of elegance I think. The built up toe-cap is doing it for me.
Clarks Adelia Stone Leather boots £95

clarks adelia stone £95

Finally – it’s back to white again… how practical? I’m really not sure – but these are a bit special so I don’t think I’d care so much. White leather, gold shiny bits and funky laces; winner.
Selected Femme at Next Leather Hiking Boots £130.

selected femme at next hiker boots £135

Here’s to keeping upright and warm when the snow-pocalypse comes


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