Spring is springing I think…

No seriously, what are we going to wear????

I never seem to have concerns as Summer stretches into Autumn, that’s straight forward for me. Add boots, then scarves, then jumpers.

Spring. Well, that induces a mild panic. OK so I’m jumping ahead; the sun is shining but it’s fresh out there and coats are still required. But soon, coats and heavy duty jumpers may not be needed as much. And soon, colour (only a bit, come on) might feel, well, right. And necessary. Crikey. Can you sense the panic rising????

I’m always about the layering. Always. Hate being cold. Or too hot. But as the need for less layers comes ever closer, we just may want (or need) to add in some springier elements.

Sweatshirts & hoodies are an easy layering option. Perfect dress up and down-able. For work, out-out, and home-home. Add or subtract big earrings/heels/trainers etc etc
This is great. H&M Sweat shirt £12.99

These trousers would look good with the sweatshirt above… and with trainers or a pointier toed heel.
Cos Wide leg jeans £79

Cos Wide Leg jeans £79

Right now a jacket is still required. This is a warm but shorter style jacket perfect to ease into spring.
M&S Textured Borg Biker Jacket £69

These boots could work with the above no?
Steve Maddon Cafe SM Ankle Boots, Reptile Leather £85

Steve Maddon Cafe SM Ankle Boots, Reptile Leather £85

When the sun shines (amongst other things) it makes me think of the need for white shirts. I love this… gentle stripes and check out the cuffs.
Zara Oversized Stripe Shirt £29.99

If the above shirt is perhaps a little sheer, this cami could not only offer some modesty but an all important layer.
Arket Light beige micro tank top £39

Arket Light Beige Micro Tank Top £39

I also love this shirt from John Lewis & Partners
And/Or Poppy Stripe Shirt Blue&Ivory £55

And/Or Poppy Stripe Shirt Blue&Ivory £55

Sometimes, if the wind is blowing in the right direction I ‘may’ switch to a lighter coloured bag… this is gorgeous. And big enough to carry all sorts of nonsense and necessities.
& Other Stories Soft Suede Tie Up Bag £110

& Other Stories Soft Suede Tie Up Bag £110

Hello. How shall we describe the beauty of these? Great heel height, great heel shape, they are pointy of toe, good up leg length for shorter trousers, black, and have the rather lovely weave detail.
And/Or Priya Ankle Boots Black Leather £109

AndOr Priya Ankle Boots Black Leather £109

Some colour. Crikey. When I grow up I would like to have a coat wardrobe obviously consisting of numerous black coats (because that is reality) but also some coloured coats; ones perhaps that don’t get aired as often as the aforementioned black coats, but that wouldn’t matter, because when they did come out to play – boom shake the room.
I would happily add this to the coat wardrobe because of the classic styling. Though am trying not to be alarmed by the Neon element in the name…
Zara Neon Masculine Coat £119

Whilst we’re rolling in the greens… I love this dress, it’s kept catching my eye as I scrolled… love it. Would love to wear it. Have no need for it. But love it. Someone please buy and wear it, for me?
Arket Floral Crepe Dress £125

Arket Floral Crepe Dress £125

As I was scrolling the Arket website THESE boots flashed up. Yes, I too thought that they had the hint of a wellie boot about them, but no. They are supremely superior to a wellie boot. Boot of dreams. Available in black too. As they should be.
Arket High Heeled Leather Boots £250

Arket High Heeled Leather Boots £250

Need anymore convincing of how fabulous these are?
Nuff said.

Arket red boots copy


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