Work Wear Panic

The other day I had to do trend presentation for work… and, I had to go to the office two days on the trot.

Because I work from home the vast majority of the time, I pretty much only have to impress myself with my daily clothing choices… I’ve a fairly limited repertoire… jeans/trousers matched with jumper/sweat shirt, perhaps a shirt with vest if the weather is kind. Hardly mind blowing stuff. Though sometimes I do jazz things up with a heeled boot – even for the school run – whoop!

So going into the office two days running… when we’re pretending it’s sort of spring time… what the hell to wear? Day one was a fast in and out day post school drop off – fast whizz on the train; I was in the office preparing stuff for the next day so needed to be able to get down and dirty if needed – but still you know, needed to look like I’d made an effort.
Day two – was presentation day. Nothing. To. Wear.
A wardrobe full of clothes, there was nothing that appealed… I tried various combinations of things that *might* work… they didn’t. Remotely.
Tried some left field manoeuvres. Nope.
Even my trusty default jumpsuit options did not feel right. Yes, that bad.

Next default – boyfriend jeans, high heeled boots, black blouse with long ties at the neck, blazer. This was OK and a worker.

How did it happen that I had nothing to wear? I’ve surely enough faceless, nameless pairs of black trousers options… but tops? Hummm. Seems we’re OK for jumpers and such, but not, something that feels… smart-ish/right for the season when sometimes I feel I need a colour other than black (I know, again, pass the smelling salts) to lift an outfit.

That moment may have passed, but there will no doubt be another time before too long when panic will occur again.
So I’ve had a look to see what top/blouse options that could be out there that feel more spring-ish and that will also stand the test of time and be wardrobe keepers in case you too are having ‘a moment’ of oh my gawd…
(I have assumed too that you might have a selection of black/navy/neutral bottoms in your wardrobe too…)

Safety first. Black. But not just any old black a ‘spring black’… ie the fabric is a little lighter…
Gorgeous timeless print… & Other Stories Star Print Balloon Sleeve Blouse £69

& Other Stories Star Print Balloon Sleeve Blouse £69

And from Next – a super versatile top, easy and sort of faceless but in a good way… I’d like to think that I would look as polished as this lady it the photo if I wore this… hummmm….
Next Utility Pocket top £22

Next Utility Pocket top £22

Keeping with the utility trend which is one that I go back to myself time and again – because of it’s timeless quality… this is a print I could go with too.
Next Utility Blouse £25

From M&S this blouse, similar small conversational print, but with a slightly more feminine detail with the ruffle around the neck. (Love the big earrings too)
M&S Printed High Neck Long Sleeve Blouse £25

M&S Printed High Neck Long Sleeve Blouse £25

A slightly more casual look with this pull on blouse, but this would still be as versatile… lovely little lace trim insert too…
Next Long Sleeve Lace trim Blouse £25

Next Long Sleeve Lace trim Blouse £25

I love the detailing at the neck here and 3/4 length sleeves… gives a fabulous edge to it.
& Other Stories Cotton Pussy Bow Blouse £49

& Other Stories Cotton Pussy Bow Blouse £49

& Other Stories game is strong, as ever… this blouse is an absolute keeper for all seasons….
& Other Stories Lace Trim Blouse £59

& Other Stories Lace Trim Blouse £59

Finally an absolute fail-safe classic top, a curve-ball even in this selection, for when you need to do the talking and/or nothing else is right, this is classic, elegant and timeless and completely dress up and down-able. Add some great earrings and you’re good to go.
Cos Shaped Linen-Silk knit top £55

Cos Shaped Linen-Silk knit top £55

Bloody Nora – but what to wear if boots become too hot…. ahhhh

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