Easter Treats

Well the stores, both online and in real life have been full of Easter treats, both the chocolate and non-chocolate variety. I really would like to think that spring is absolutely, resolutely on its way judging how the weather has been the last few days; I think that GLORIOUS would sum it up nicely, AND it’s a bank holiday weekend.

So here goes for some spring/Easter treats, these will see you through at least to summer and can be put away later to surprise yourself again next spring. (And as we’re talking longevity here, what more justification to have a good look…?)

Mr E-E and I have birthdays a day apart; it has it’s pluses and minus’s but this year it was an excuse, last week, for a mini-break away minus the small folk. We went to Brussels to celebrate with a little much needed mini break – we were going to sort Brexit, but got side tracked by Jupiler, a damn fine local beer. It was fresh in Brussels but generally sunny – HURRAH. Gloves, at times, might have been nice… though thankfully I had a trusty black, grey & white leopard print scarf with me…

I *may* have mentioned before about not liking a draught or to be cold. A scarf of some sort can sort many a chill… and can just help with the (what I find the trickiest part of the year) the transition from winter to spring. Seriously – WHAT TO WEAR??? But I’ve figured even if some aspects of our wardrobe remain with a high wool content, the colours of even accessories could switch up a little.

I’m not going to be kidding anyone, or myself that the colours are going to be super jazzy, but they will complement all existing neutrals you, or I, may have already and make the ankle bearing, to jacket or not jacket season entry a little easier.

We may have had super fabulous weather the last few days, but first thing in the morning, in the shade or when the sun drops, so does the temperature.
This scarf combines comfort colours (black and white!) and a burst of sunshine yellow. Hello Spring. Plus it’s big and will be warm.
Zara Animal Print Scarf £17.99

Zara Animal Print Scarf £17.99

I’ve relied, when a work wear panic sets in on white shirts. This scarf looks great set with a white shirt (though, really, what doesn’t?). I love the tiger print updating the leopard…
Next Print Scarf £14

Next printed scarf £14

Hello polka dots…
M&S Pure Cotton Polka Dot Scarf £19.50

M&S Pure Cotton Polka Dot Scarf £19.50

Liking the orange flash? Me too..
& Other Stories have this… more of a silky finish, this would look equally as good keeping necks warm, as tied around hand bag handles… it’s 90cm x 90cm to give an idea of size.
& Other Stories Leopard Print Scarf £27

& Other Stories Leopard Print Scarf £27

I love this scarf with the flashes of turquoise and cobalt blue, as it’s styled here; this looks great mixed back with navy’s, denim, stone etc
Cos Abstract Cotton Silk Scarf £45

Cos Cotton Silk Scarf £45

Softer Blues… Violeta at Mango, fringes printed scarf £19.99

As as complete contrast… I love the colours within this scarf; they would go with so many things…
Paul Smith at John Lewis & Partners Rainbow Stripe Scarf, £100

Paul Smith Rainbow Stripe Scarf, Multi, £100

Finally, a wham bam thank you ma’am in super brights, including a lovely John Lewis discount… this will keep any pesky draughts out/cover shoulders
hush Nena Love Printed wool Scarf £30

hush Nena Love Wool Scarf in Black & Pink £30

Now… back to stealing chocolate from the small folk whilst there’s some left… xx

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