I’m shattered…

I’m exhausted. Like I think that I could actually sleep standing up. It’s only the middle of the week… It’s been weeks of constant on the move-ness, be here, travel there, drop off here, deadlines and blah blah blah.

I’ve read that the ‘new thing’ is to be able to go on about leisure time and how we should all (surely by now) have the work life balance down pat. I haven’t. But I’m trying OK?

I think generally we all seemingly work too hard, doing too many hours, being constantly ‘on’ and demanding too much of ourselves, and possibly of others. We maybe ‘entertain’ our kids too much and ship them here and there to be exercised, ballet’d, drama-ed or what have you to prevent them being bored, to better them and give them opportunities we perhaps didn’t have as kids because, well, there weren’t the clubs and things around then.

God I love to be bored. Like properly bored, the day stretching out achingly long with nothing to do. Let’s all just take a moment and think about that. Nothing to do? Imagine.

Nope, actually, no time to do that because I’ve just thought, China need questions answering, I need to put a load of washing on, learn to eBay, clear up the damned Lego that’s been out for two weeks and hasn’t been touch for one, and figure out some more of the ‘other idea’ that’s been bumbling around in my head for months, oh and design some more pants. Because we all need more pants.

But what I’d really like to do is crawl into bed and have a little snooze. Or quite a long one. In the crispiest of crisp clean white sheets… (and no one, but no one would ask me for snack for at least half an hour…)

Nightwear, I confess for me can be an after thought, t-shirts & tops can become relegated to nightwear when they become no longer suitable/presentable for the outside world, and are then worn with pj bottoms that, well… let’s leave it there.

Instead I might like to wear something like this from Jigsaw at John Lewis & Partners…
Jigsaw Alice Parisian Pyjama Set £55, at John Lewis

Jigsaw Alice Parisian Pyjama Set £55, at John Lewis

Or something with a little more give…? And a fine way of doing animal without doing animal.
Next Supersoft Long Sleeve top £20, with joggers £22

Next Supersoft Long Sleeve top £20, joggers £22

Or this looks pretty damn fine – as ever, Hush do amazing prints in their nightwear.
Hush Poppy Cotton Pyjama Set £55

Hush Poppy Cotton Pyjama Set £55, from John Lewis

Next have a super comprehensive range of nightwear… they may well have thought of everything, there was so much to choose from and many things that I really liked and would wear.

I have a thick-ish double faced ye olde cardigan that I bought from Zara at Heathrow before a work trip a few years ago that I wear as a dressing gown-esque number for most of the year or cardigan depending on the time of day. I don’t know what I would do without it… though this one would be a good replacement. If really necessary.
Next Knitted Cardigan £34

Next Knitted Cardigan £34

And whilst we’re here with the super soft comfy things… you thought a bed jacket was something just for grandma? Well no… this is, well, OK I think, no? Hummmm or is the jury out?
John Lewis & Partners Waffle Shawl Collar Bed Jacket £29

John Lewis & Partners Waffle Shawl Collar Bed Jacket £29

I do like a slipper. In winter. But I’m more often barefoot. These are a very happy compromise though. Love a flip flop. Or Sandal.
Oysho Slim Velvet sandals £12.99

Oysho Slim Velvet sandals £12.99

I’d like to wear them with these…
Oysho Campanilla Flower Shirt £25.99 and Campanilla Flower Trousers £22.99

Oysho Campanilla Flower Shirt £25.99

Or these modal Cool Comfort printed pj’s from M&S. Beautiful.
M&S Cool Comfort Cotton Modal Floral Pyjama Set £25

M&S Cool Comfort Cotton Modal Floral Pyjama Set £25

Going back to reality and my t-shirt/pj bottom standard format… even though this t-shirt isn’t really nightwear – it should be out and worn for all to see. It says it all. And 10% of the sales go to Gingerbread – a charity supporting single parent families.
fwp by Rae, Knackered slogan t-shirt £28

fwp by Rae, KNACKERED slogan t-shirt £28

I love these; super smile inducing.
H&M pyjama bottoms £9.99

H&M polka dot pyjama bottoms £9.99

And would be great with a secret support cami, because well, there’s free and easy, but then again it’s quite nice to be held, sort of, and not scare the postman should he call… (also available in white)
M&S Cotton rich DD+ vest with secret support £10

M&S Cotton rich DD+ vest with secret support £10

Having looked at all of this nightwear, I’m ready for bed.
I’d like to be found here… night night xx

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