Sheer Delight…

There has been a break in transmission; the day job has gone bonkers… it’s been the time of year when trend presentations are a go-go for Autumn Winter 2020 (& internally we’re planning for Spring 2021).

We’ve also been trawling the shops for what’s in now, to help predict what is coming. Comfort is, as I’ve written before, the biggest story that has been an ongoing theme for seasons not only in lingerie, but also in outerwear…

There is no reason at all though, that that fabulous design and comfort can’t be as one – or is there? I ‘did’ Knightsbridge in London Town as part of my look-see… and what I found the most fascinating was that the high end brands have a HUGE amount to learn in terms of comfort from the lower end/high street brands. There are still wires that come up high at the front (OK sometimes they are necessary depending on bust size) but there’s not thick enough wire casing to add some cushioning, elastics that dig in, liners can be scratchy and there was just a whole rigidity to things that… blah – NO!

Some of the brands I was looking at, whilst they might be works of art at one level, to actually wear them; whereas once upon a time ago, yes please, now, no thank you.

In our ever time-short world do we want to be digging wires out of our chests, hoiking up fallen down straps or retrieving pants from hungry bums*? No, we’re too busy, and it will most probably just make us cross.

Another shift we’ve been seeing is the move away from not just padded bras (& under wired bra), but to bras that are light and delicate, and more sheer – this is for regular and larger cup sizes.

I will always have the softest of spots for Myla – under the new team I think the garments are even more beautiful than they were before. The sheer simplicity of this set is divine. This set is also available in white – the bra is £110.
Myla Columbia Road

Myla Columbia Road

M&S still hold around a third of the market share of underwear and lingerie, they’ve gone sheer too… this bra actually made me swoon; it’s so ridiculously pretty.
M&S Embroidered Polka Dot Mesh Plunge bra £18

M&S non padded plunge £18

And on the website (with airbrushing)… but you can see the proportions & coverage – this goes up to a 34E. It’s also available in a black/cream padded balcony version too.

M&S Embroidered Polka Dot Mesh Plunge bra £18

This bra is also SO beautiful, from John Lewis & Partners.
Uma Linear Embroidered bra £34

John Lewis And/Or Uma Linear embroidered bra £34

Here it is again, on the John Lewis & Partners website, with airbrushing. There are mixed sizes now available online, but sizes do go up to an F-cup.

John Lewis And Or uma linear bloom embroidered bra £34

Agent Provocateur are still doing their thing in creating drop dead sexy lingerie. The delicate embroidered multi-coloured spots are simply joyful.
Agent Provocateur Poppie Plunge uw bra £75

Agent Provocateur Poppie Plunge uw bra £75

This bra below, is from Maison Lejaby has been featured on so many inspiration boards I’ve been shown recently, bold, simple, easy to wear and beautiful. It’s a yes from me.
Maison Lejaby Venus uw bra £64

Maison Lejaby Venus uw bra £64

And in a neutral tone… (shown with comfy pants). Notice that the wires don’t come up particularly high at the centre front (so less likely to dig in), but because of the high apex/front style there will still be support and coverage – you can run for a bus with dignity intact.


Had I mentioned way back in the day, my first ever job was designing for Victoria’s Secret? They were crazy days of corporate travel and throwing money at situations – but man alive as a graduate designer in their early 20’s – hello, yeah sure I’ll pop to New York for a 2 hour fit meeting, no problem.
Victoria’s Secret currently are not seemingly moving with the times and stuck in their ways on so many levels (of one man’s view of sexy, sexy, sexy), but they do have ‘some’ beautiful garments too…

This stunning embroidery mixing applique, matt and shine threads, sheer tulle is utterly delicious.
Victoria’s Secret Floral Embroidery Demi uw bra £59

Victoria's Secret Floral Embroidered demi uw bra £59

The lingerie market is a-changing… everyone is playing safe (which is probably true across the whole of clothing and retail generally) – but notice all of the colours shown here are ‘neutral’ classic lingerie colours – pinks and blacks… partly OK I’m showing what I’m drawn to, but also, retailers don’t want to buy in to anything risky right now.
I love a classic and things with longevity, so for now, no complaints.

A comfy but still gorgeous underwear blog-post is also in the making.
Now, just to whittle some more hours in the day until the bonkersness calms down…


*’hungry bum’ as quoted from Pandora Sykes from the High Low podcast… once I’d heard this quote, no other would do.

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