January… it’s probably best to hunker down.

Hello there. Here we are, we made it to a new year, and a new decade.

So, two weeks in, how is your January going; are you full of plans, resolutions and aspirations? Perhaps to sleep more, save more, get fit, drink less, have more fun? The usual?

More sleep, and better sleep is definitely high up on my agenda – December was a tough one, the day also became the night job. It was all too much. Add in some pre-Christmas gallivanting and organising, and a building project that we’d targeted to be finished (enough) in time for Christmas. When we did then sort of stop over the festive period, and caught up on a bit of sleep we were even more exhausted.

I think one of the best things about January is the hunkering down… when all of the craziness of the festive season has passed and the decorations are down. The freezer is still full of left-overs and frankly there’s no cash, energy or desire to go out and play. Staying in and being cosy is the most delicious of options – below, should you be in need, are some easy to wear pieces to assist with hibernation.

I love a sweat shirt. And I love this colour. Perfect for beating January blues.
Hush Brushed Modal Sweat Top £32, was £55 (yes, this comes in black as well, still at £55.)

Hush Brushed Modal Sweat Top £32, was £55

It is possible that I ate all of the cheese. And drank all of the wine during the festive period. So to slip into something more comfortable in the form of some joggers like these, in the evening – bliss… (mad slippers, optional)
Hush Super Soft joggers £40

Hush Super Soft joggers £40

Or these look pretty good to me too… H&M Ribbed Jersey Pyjamas £19.99

H&M Ribbed Jersey Pyjamas £19.99

I love a layer – I also love a hoodie – this is knitted version.
Great under a jacket, also on the settee.
H&M Fine Knit Hooded jacket £24.99

H&M Fine Knit Hooded jacket £24.99

We’re big on the Cosy sock in our household. Depending on your slipper preference, these I find, are an excellent alternative.
M&S Fluffy Socks £2.50, were £5

M&S Fluffy Socks £2.50, were £5.00

I buy in bulk from Gap when they have their silly-season sales, which is most of the time.
Gap Cosy Socks £5

Gap Cosy Socks £5

If leaving the house is required (yes, yes I know, but one can dream), this surely is up there as a jumper of dreams… the colour, the slouch, the sleeves… (and should we discuss the leather trousers?)
& Other Stories Soft Wool Turtleneck Sweater £75

& Other Stories Soft Wool Turtleneck Sweater £75

And lest we forget what is in part cause for the need to hibernate, and a great layer… cheers.
FWP by Rae Rouge T-shirt £28

FWP by Rae Rouge T-shirt £28


(Title picture from Pinterest)

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