Going Green

They tell me spring is around the corner. (Along with everything else that is seemingly around the corner… but let’s park that situation for now.)
I’m buying daffodils like they’re going out of fashion to try and encourage spring to really properly arrive.

There’s a bright spring green colour that I keep seeing here and there; it looks like hope.

I love colours on others, but on me, not so much. Except… maybe it’s been so long since I did wear colour that perhaps I’ve forgotten how colour can alter my/ones mood?

I appreciate you may well not be feeling the green like me… fair dos… but there are some pretty pictures below regardless, scroll on if you fancy…

Easing in… only the privileged few, or you, might see these.
Simple, refined, happy making.
& Other Stories Floral Lace bra £29

& Other Stories Floral Lace Wire bra £29

And the matching brief £15

& Other Stories Floral Lace briefs £15

M&S have this bra… also, in gorgeous green.
M&S Embroidered non-padded balcony bra in sizes DD-GG bra £18

M&S Embroidered non-padded balcony bra DD-GG bra £18

Or treading still cautiously, to not make a big shout of colour. Earrings. Fashion Plural this time. Perfect around the year too. Love.
Oliver Bonas Darcia Green Onyx & Gold Plated Huggie Drop earrings £26

Oliver Bonas Darcia Green Onyx & Gold Plated Huggue Drop earrings £26

A scarf maybe…?
Oasis Green Merci scarf £16

Oasis Green Merci scarf £16

We’re no doubt all pretty good at taking bags with us when we got shopping so how about a fold-able splash of colour…
Oliver Bonas Reusable Green Shopper Bag Large £5

Oliver Bonas Reusable Green Shopper Bag Large £5

I LOVE this outfit… I would love to wear this to work when I’m office bound – it’s cool and easy but still smart with an edge. Could I wear the green? I’d really like to try… but, spoiler alert – there is only one size left of these online – so if you liked them, try in store…
M&S Wide 7 8th length trousers £39

M&S Wide 7 8th length trousers £39

So no point in namby pambying around – dresses, easy one piece dressing. The first two – I think could be worn now, with big boots, tights and big cardigan/leather jacket… and later, trainers, sandals etc
H&M Chiffon Dress £34.99

H&M Chiffon Dress £34.99

This fella… either the self fabric belt, or on the website it shows the dress worn with a black wide belt – which looks as stunning. Finally, as a really multi-tasking option, what about wearing this open, like a jacket over a pair of trousers (navy or white even?)
Zara Jacquard Shirt Dress £49.99

Zara Jacquard Shirt Dress £49.99

Or something a little more slinky for a wedding or ‘do’… gorgeous.
Oysho Satin-finish dress £39.99

Oysho Satin-finish dress £39.99

My default final garment/outfit option is so often nightwear… perhaps because I’m permanently knackered and just really really want to have a long lie-down? (Or the impending Armageddon when isolation is the only option, might as well be comfortable.)
So, err, these?
Say no more. Yes please.
Hush Lightweight Piped Cotton Pyjamas £55

Hush Lightweight Piped Cotton Pyjamas £55

Do you have a colour (or colours?!) that are catching you eye that you want to try, or have that are perhaps out of your comfort zone? I’d love to know, let me know in the box below…

And in the meantime… wishing you and yours stay safe and well.


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